HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Dev Clash Week 3 – Part 2


The Allies push back. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1TVsZgM Tune in to watch live: Wednesdays at 15:00-CEST on http://twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive.


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  1. hoho96 says:

    The Russian led Axis shall not fall!!! TO VICTORY!

  2. jake just because the map is changing to the french colour doesnt mean thier the one causing it

  3. These developers are pretty shit at their own game. The UK player did not even guard the suez….

  4. Ragatokk says:

    The guy casting wit jake is horrible, you should get daniel to cast more.

  5. Ragatokk says:

    Amazing how most of the dev team is complete shit at the game, even with 1000+ hours of play in addition to making the game.

  6. Denis Safiev says:


  7. I do not own Hearts of Iron IV yet, therefore I am not experienced with the game mechanics, but could someone tell me if it is possible for a puppet state (Russia in this case) to rebel against it´s overlord?

  8. jryxal7 says:

    Now i want to see the Allies win and liberate Russia, just to see another Inkarnation of the great Russian Leader!

  9. I feel like the axis are just too destined to fail.

  10. Thomasmarik says:

    The allies could still pull it off. They just need Rome, Berlin, and Warsaw and they are pressing in successfully.

  11. Theo Taylor says:

    MP exploits are the reason why HOI4 multiplayer is dying. But don't worry, South Africa is getting a focus tree.

  12. junkgurra says:

    the rp is great

  13. Ilya always goes full RP in these things, doesn't he?

  14. The Avrowolf says:

    Jake should jump in as Tannu Tuva and invade Russia

  15. Love the roleplay.
    Now if only they would do so too in the EU4 one. Groogy is the only one pulling the workload. Poor Imperator.

    So Ilya is Russian. Is Daniel french? He 'feels' french to me.

  16. is it just me or does ddrjake have some nasty ass teeth

  17. "There is a stalemate over this big ass river here." that's the type of commentary I want 2 hear

  18. Fu Ck you says:

    his fucking teeth though my god british people

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