HoI IV – World War Wednesday – Soviet Union Co-Op – Part #4


Last week Daniel took Berlin, let’s see what he and Jake can puppet this week. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: http://pdxint.at/1TVsZgM This is part 1 of 3 of the Aug 10th …


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  1. wow 100+ views no first guy.

  2. Cait-Eriona says:

    yepp german rak

  3. update needed, stop playing start working

  4. Nostroo says:

    Guys. AI needs to be improved.

  5. Yay daddy jake and daddy Daniel will give the world commies, commies for every one! One commie two commies three commies four, daddy always has more commies for the war, daddy will break down every german door, and give them commies till he can't anymore, ghost commie ghost commie, daddy Stalin makes me feel like a hero of the workers party! Send this to 5 of your soviet daddies or NO MORE COMMIES FOR YOU

  6. My grandma play HoI4 better then Jake))

  7. how are they not lagging?

  8. can someone please give me either a link or the name of the multiplayer where the backstabbing happened?

  9. plz give us some dlc / expansion pack news !! and please make the game richer in game play and not spirites or other cosmetic dlc

  10. I like the Red Zephyr for the assonance

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