HoI IV – “World War Wednesday” – The Hungary Games #3


Daniel and Jake continue their Hungary Games. You can find the QA from the WWW streams here: http://pdxint.at/HoI4_Stream_QA Tune in to watch live: …


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  1. HRE TheHoly says:

    if you play as Austria and eat all the land Austria had in WW1 will you become Austria-hungary

  2. TrueMokael says:

    If I throw money at my computer, will it make the game magically appear on my my steam account?

  3. MrMarte999 says:

    Brazil Gameplay!

  4. RIP Sunshine Kiss we will never forget!

  5. Next I wanna see next is you guys trying to turn a nation from one government to another


  7. Jeff Durga says:

    Been waiting all week for this

  8. crapvile says:

    we wanna see world war wednesday with daniel as soviet union and ddrjake as germany (jørmoni)

  9. + ParadoxExtra Can you upgrade obsolete tank chassis into into their specialised variants or must you build them separately? Just asking as that is one of the main reasons things like the Hetzer and Stug. III were made in the first place.

  10. I'm so excited for this game hands down. Hurry up and release already!

  11. erdem k says:

    I think you guys need to reconsider the fuel consumption. I understand the reinforces costs fuel while building the tanks but imagine i transfered my 50 tank divisions from urals to spain front and costs no fuel.

    Or imagine soviets lost the oil producing provinces and keep shuffling massive armies without even worrying about fuel consumption.

  12. he could of won 100% if they didnt rush him.
    looking good ill keep dreaming about it

  13. crapvile says:

    It would be cool if you could see from notification events if they were historical or not by a symbol or something. You know, with Greece joining the allies if it was historical or not, if it happened in history. Could learn a lot from history then.

  14. TheKamraten says:

    The map is very dark. Are there some way to brighten it? Some sun perhaps? xD

  15. Gain World Domination with some bantu middle African country! :D

  16. Can Daniel please stop sniffing!!!

  17. dat guy says:

    Try Denmark next

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