HOLIDAYS Movie TRAILER (Horror – 2016)


HOLIDAYS is a uniquely dark and original anthology HORROR feature! ☆ HORROR Fan ? Don’t miss THIS ➨ ☆ The Must-See Movies …


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  1. It's probably an anthology horror movie that's why none of it made sense lol

  2. Twilightz Dy says:

    okay, this trailer has the coolest soundtrack.

  3. This movie sucks balls.

  4. Trailer: "stop smiling"

    Me: "sorry babe i can't help it i love carnige blood and gore"

  5. Eric Webby says:

    this is so good. I loved it

  6. 어엿먹 says:

    The background music the beat sounds like something from Michael Jackson's thriller album. I felt like dancing!

  7. Momin Hoque says:

    dhjpuri xxx mogi

  8. Dewi Xyx says:

    happy father's day is scariesct I think

  9. Moviegeek says:

    so most of you have never heard of the other movies listed…shame on you…The Pact in particular was a really good film

  10. wow……………………………….

  11. An "Episodes Movie" in 2016…I like it.

  12. BeggtarFilms says:

    sorry was this meant to be scary and was this movie meant to be good. i feel sorry for the cast and crew of this movie for failing so hard.

  13. Kelsey ic me e atrasan

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