Hollywood Acting using Demonic Methods (Part 1) Illuminati


Indonesian Translations (CC) – Hollywood akting menggunakan cara satanisme (bagian 1) AprilandWayneShow Android App now available on google play!


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  1. petelabeat says:

    Jack Nicholson says that he warned Heath Ledger and people start laughing? 

  2. crazydaysful says:

    Even though there are few christians staying to the truth and being bold….I am glad April & Wayne so far has kept it REAL!!!!

  3. janedoe ph says:

    Thank you for your new updates +AprilandWayneShow!! God bless all of you in Jesus name.

  4. newtaurus1 says:

    damn man it aint worth going to hell over its just a movie.

  5. Caz P says:

    Thank you for your incredible ministry 

  6. Curlycherry says:

    U are very good at exposing, u really opened my eyes and other peoples eyes too god bless you sister!

  7. spartiatis says:

    Method acting does work. I've done it. On numerous occasions I have channeled cartoon characters and my friends. 

  8. Thank you for sharing your understanding AprilandWayneShow.

  9. Artist says:

    You have some good points but you take it one step too far. Method acting as a whole is not demonic because that would make everyday life a sin. But you probably believe that humans are born into a "default" of sin. I'm not going to discredit your work here because I think it is mostly good and of a good intention but I must stress that you look to the root of your faith.

  10. Do you see nicks demeanor during his interview? It's like he's not even really there

  11. Great job! Thank you for opening our eyes! God bless u! 

  12. Hollywood is spiritually sick and perverted. warping minds and brainwashing society with its evil agenda. People today have lost their moral conscience. Its very frightening for the future. There isn't going to be one. Nothing comes from evil! just remember that!

  13. Yeah I myself believe that method-acting is real, & dangerous, & blasphemous, …

  14. Lovrly video helped me in understanding more about acting. Sry 4 poor english

  15. ryan says:

    Very well done!!!

  16. MMMmmm, interesting comment by Cage  "…not unlike a child on Halloween"

    Proving that the event of Halloween is NOT a good thing!

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