Hollywood Illuminati, Sex Magick & Satanic Super Bowl Ritual with Mark Dice


Illuminati infiltration of Hollywood and professional sports has created satanic celebrations at the Oscar Awards and Super Bowl, and we unmask them with Mark …


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  1. no disrespect to anyone but I notice that Mr. Dice seems to be throwing up some hand signs quite often.

  2. ResistEvolve says:

    The owls are not what they seem!

  3. ResistEvolve says:

    I had an Indian neighbor as a kid, who had a wall hanging with a Swastika symbol on it in his basement! That was pretty freaky to see as a kid, I had quite a few Jewish neighbors as well!

  4. Love Privacy says:

    Dice resembles Dustin Hoffman!

  5. MORE1500 says:

    Good topic but The Dice Man is little more than an Alex Jones or Jeff Rense wanna be.

  6. 11:18 dice says that it is no wonder that muslims call america the Great Satan
    what a lowlife, go back to having dickslap contests with alex jones, even though he deleted all of those videos from his site

  7. Get Jordan Maxwell on the show

  8. Asma Ben says:

    And now for something completely different, as sex magic is just not my forte: why did the hebrews have to mark their front doors with the blood of a lamb during the ten plagues of Egypt? Is the angel of Death an idiot? Didn't know how to make the distinction? Never respected him much anyway…and talking about marks, what about the  ''mark of Cain''? French esoteric writers usually talk about it as being a red cross in a circle….Clearly like some kind of shield..was it made of lamb's blood too? That angel of Death, is it blind? Does it make sense? *******************************************************************************************************************

  9. ► Hollywood #Illuminati, Sex Magick & Satanic Super Bowl Ritual with Mark Dice:
    https://youtu.be/Mu0CRhWQPMs ~Pub April 15, 2016:
    ~via @WatchingSean: Enter The Buzzsaw
    #Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan:

  10. Asma Ben says:

    Remembering that the symbol for Niburu is an X, could the angel of Death just be some kind of automatic mechanism (or should I say program) that is stopped by a red cross in a circle? You know, like a binary computer program functions with 1 and 0? I think I'll try it out. TheTau cross like the ankh cross was a sign of life, just like the triple Tau means sacred gate

  11. Walter Fraga says:

    A great guest Sean, would be Jeff Berwick

  12. Really good show even though Dice's homophobia is uncalled for. Totally agree with lady gaga and r Kelly comments, people from his inside circle know he's a perv and how he gets away with it and then she does a collaboration with him that's so bad they had to pull it just goes to show you how twisted the industry is.

  13. take the Power away from them, laugh about it´s healthy and it work´s, cause their Power is about Fear only

  14. Warren Geo says:

    Mark Dice = Ultimate Troll Douche Bag.

  15. spagzs says:

    The actual game of football is amazing. It's too bad all that other stupid shit that comes with it has to surface.

  16. Ember M says:

    when he speaks of Michael Jackson's dwath, he knows not what really happened. ask your host to do more research on the case prior to making conclusions and feeding your audience with tainted truths…

  17. so well said yall, thank you

  18. humility is the raddest thing.. Cheers Mr. Dice.

  19. Another great interview Sean and love the way you two connected the dots! The only dot we would like to add to the conversation is how the consciousness mind takes into itself and absorbs anything it views that becomes a part of a hidden machine which causes us to offer our individual power in assisting and making that thing happen. In other words, don't watch television and toss it out the window. It is a weapon of mass deception!

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