Hollywood propaganda threatens world peace

truther December 26, 2014 1

“The Interview” isn’t a movie at all; it is a propaganda tool and has the potential to create great conflict. This “movie” harnesses the worst energy in the universe, carrying with it the epitome of obnoxious American carelessness, and a threat against all human beings who exist in this fragile world.

Hollywood propaganda threatens world peace

Those of us who venture into the world as American journalists are always viewed with suspicion – for good reason. People on the other side of the world have a tendency to assume journalists are CIA, and this is a problem that dates back to the Vietnam War era, and before. At that time, CIA agents were posing as journalists left and right in Southeast Asia. Journalist Sean Flynn, the son of great actor Errol Flynn, was one journalist who was murdered because he and his friend, Dana Stone, were suspected of being CIA. They were killed during the invasion of Cambodia in 1970. They were killed because the CIA had posed as reporters one time too many.

Hollywood has long been a tool of the US government. I was heartbroken when the anti-Iranian propaganda film “Argo” was released. My friends in Iran who were present during the Islamic Revolution and the subsequent takeover of the US embassy say the script was largely fictitious. Now this debacle about the assassination of North Korea’s supreme leader is released by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and it is, in itself… a hit job.

Stinky, seedy, gratuitous Hollywood, with its lack of moral fiber, has no business stirring the pot when it comes to North Korea. Back when George W. Bush branded North Korea, Iran and Iraq the “Axis of Evil,” most of us knew that Iran is a peaceful nation – though constantly misinterpreted and threatened, and Iraq is simply a nation of victims of American bombs, but North Korea is a different story. At the same time, North Korea has taken no action against the United States to prompt this so-called creative film. For the sake of world peace, it simply should never have been made or released. It yanks at the heart strings of “patriotic” Americans who just can’t wait for World War Three, as if war is some kind of game or entertainment they watch on their wide screen televisions.

The common theme is that these films like Argo and The Interview are horribly, even irreversibly, damaging the reputation of journalists. They are killing our credibility.

In fact, it is a perfect plan for the US government… to create a film where reporters score an interview with the leader of North Korea, only to be talked into becoming CIA assassins. It is no wonder Obama wants The Interview to be seen.

Think about it for a second. The last thing American politicians and their corporate sponsors want is for journalists to have free, safe access to this world. This is true in so many places and situations.

As long as world leaders we do not agree with exist, we in the news business should be willing to interview them..

Each time a movie comes out damaging the reputation of real reporters and news teams, our ability to conduct our jobs becomes more strained and difficult. Consider how irate Americans became over the recent beheadings of Western journalists by ISIL, then try in your mind, to comprehend why Americans would back this sad excuse for a movie.

It is also fair to question why this film is being released on Christmas day. That is part of the propaganda aspect, of course. Just picking that day and announcing the selection is enough to anger Americans. Yanks don’t want anyone interfering with their plans for this overly commercialized event representing the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Of course, North Korea objects to the film. My question is, what nation wouldn’t? North Korea was going to appear at the United Nations to discuss human rights violations but pulled out of that after The Interview was announced. At least, they were willing to talk about it, America’s victims all over the world have no such recourse because the United States considers itself above international law.

Just like the plot, this is a film that casually crossed over from a creative effort to a hardcore game to politically destabilize a nation that is backed by the biggest superpower in the world, China. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un was in fact, just invited to Russia. It seems Rogen and his partner, Evan Goldberg, along with actor James Franco, are indeed functioning in the role of CIA.

This type of provocation, however politically irresponsible, is not unpredictable. Whatever the United States does to ultimately pull the last straw of world patience, it will probably be ugly and will leave an image of the remains of a nation that ended because it pushed the debauchery factor too far. Everything about Hollywood is one gaping wound on the American landscape anyway, but for these jokers and idiots to enter the field of world political agitation proves once and for all that it is only a matter of time before the world reacts to America, which North Korea branded a “cesspool of terrorism.”

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  1. Dave December 26, 2014 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    I have long ago given Hollywood movies the flick [ So to speak] .Invariable they are anti Christian . Anti Democratic and almost Satanic in substance . But that must be expected from a location and industry that produces 80/90 % of all the pornography in the world !!. and is the origin of snuff movies. So no prizes for guessing who runs the movie industry . no prizes for guessing who runs the banks and Wall St . and most certainly none for guessing who runs the US government .

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