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Northern Cyprus on the other hand possesses 90% of these all-natural and cultural entities. You can not aid slipping in like with this very little island immediately after knowing its beauties that character offers. Between these is an crucial planst.Sage, ‘Salvia’ in Latin. This identify will come from the Latin word ‘Salvare’ which menas ‘to heal’.
Sage plants that originate from Mediterranean have a history approximately as outdated as human history. The utility of Sage plant by human beings extends from the intervals ahead of Christ. It is a reality that owing to its numerous rewards that it existing to human beings, sage plant is identified as ‘Holy Herb’ in Roman times. The leaves, bouquets and stems of sage plant that mature in a natural way in altitudes of 1500 m over sea amount have a pleasurable odor. As tea, in salads and foods, as deodorizer, sage plant is identified as ‘Adaçay?’ ‘Garafan’ or ‘Hahomilya’ between Turks of Cyprus and as ‘Alisfakia’ or ‘Hahomilia’ between Greeks of Cyprus. The unstable oil extracted from sages of Cyprus and identified as ’01.Salviave’, compose of camphora, tannin and other substances owning flavors.

Sage oil which has an crucial aspect in perfume and cosmetic business, food stuff business and sweet and cake creation, is also regarded as to be crucial by phytotherapists owing to its healing houses. The persons of Cyprus reward from sage in numerous fields. Its contemporary or air dried leaves and bouquets, ‘as Natural Tea odorization of bathing h2o appetizer in salads and foods deodorizer in rural spots and in pest manage antimicrobial in the rooms of bed ridden individuals and furnishing a continuous clean and pleasurable scent in barbecue, addition to foods, soups and sauces are between these. Sage is also an crucial plant in medication. Especially the sage plant accumulating all of the healing houses of thyme, urum flower, linden, mint, rosemary between alone is identified to be made use of by Hippocrates himself in historical times.
In the decades immediately after the Christ, Dioscorides and Galenos benefited from sage in the discipline of medication. Thus sage has the characteristic of becoming the most well-liked plant of Phytotherapists from historical times to existing. Sage identified as ‘Holy Herb’ by Romans and ‘Life Saver’ in Latin has been a solution which has been made use of by combining with each medication in historical times. A Roman poet and Medical doctors of Salerno Professional medical College in the XVI century, who believed that no other garden plant was resistant to demise than sage, could not aid stating ‘One who grows sage in his garden, can he die?’ to emphasize the relevance that they bestow on sage. The effectively identified French Phytoterapist points out the healing houses of vigorous sage in his e book named ‘Medicinal Vegetation of Life’as: ‘The sage which is fundamentally stimulant and its leaves and bouquets are benefited from Consequences blood circulation assists the performing of nervous process can help nervous breakdown victims the kinds who put up with from anemia a short while ago enhanced individuals nervous persons neuroastenic and anxious persons.,

In ladies: strengthens their weak genitals heals vagina regulates intervals can help youthful girls in the balancing of their hormones and relieves menopausal issues.

In gentlemen: fights with issues relevant to andropausae proficiently.Sage is alsop identified to be efficient against diabetic issues. When boiled, normalizes high sugar amount in blood. It is a plant of natural beauty: Retains the wellbeing of the pores and skin proficiently slows down hair reduction and cleans the scalp, purifies from microorganism and supplies the developing of hair when it is additional to bath h2o and just one normally takes a bath with that h2o, it relieves tiredness, has aphrodisiac houses, bathing must be completed in the mornings nevertheless, passionate persons are strongly recommended to avoid these baths’.

How numerous salvia species are existing? D.E. Viney in 1994 described the species os sage plant in his e book named ‘An II-lustrated Flora of North Cyprus’ as: Salvia lanigera S. viridis S. veneris S. verbenaco S. hierosolymitana.

Between these species, S. viridis, S. fruticosa and S. verbenaco species have a significant distribution. Even so, S. lonigera, S. veneris and S. Hierosolymitana species are exceptional, in reality incredibly exceptional. S. veneris grows only in Northern Cyprus during the world. In other words, it is an endemic species. In the course of the Earth War Two, the Administration of English Colony made a decision to export sage leaves that ended up made use of particularly in drug and costemic business to make a signifies of dwelling to simplicity the severe affordable disaster designed by poverty and unemployment. As a consequence, throughout 1943-1947, 11,001 weigh-bridge sage leaves experienced been exported and 19,453 Cyprus Pound was earned.Cyprus Motels The holy herb sage was made use of as cigarette in Cyprus throughout the decades of 1930 when the intervals of poverty ended up incredibly severe. The witnesses of these intervals whom I interviewed with, described their observations as: ‘the affordable disaster immediately after the Earth War also impacted Cyprus as the rest of the world.
At that times cigarette smoking cigarettes was regarded as to be a luxury. It was the 1st decades of 1930. ‘A male was unwell with smoking cigarettes. There was a rumor that he recovered when he quitted smoking cigarettes and commenced sage smoking cigarettes. ‘After that addicts who could not find cigarettes atarted planning and smoking cigarettes cigarettes of sage. When this turns into common, lots of persons from numerous villages commenced accumulating sage from the mountains and advertising them in towns. I made use of to continue to be in Tahtakale, Le?fko?a at these times. I continue to remember that villagers ended up advertising sage in bunches and earned some money’.


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