Homeland Security Conducts “Top Secret” July 4 Drill


TSA, undercover agents to patrol transport hubs

Paul Joseph Watson

The Department of Homeland Security is conducting a “top secret” drill codenamed ‘Operation Independence’ across the United States today, during which officers in riot gear as well as undercover agents will patrol transport hubs.

Homeland Security Conducts “Top Secret” July 4 Drill

According to a report by KTTV, the exercise is a “full scale terrorism drill”  taking place nationwide. In Los Angeles, the drill involves the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Homeland Security and TSA agents, as well as plain clothed officers who will be, “working undercover, looking like any other passenger, they scour faces, briefcases and backpacks, looking for anything out of the ordinary.”

Officials claim the drills are to make the public feel “safe” in light of claims that the alleged Boston Bombers had planned a July 4 terror attack in New York.

According to Nicole Nishida of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Americans will celebrate their “independence” from tyranny by submitting to random bag searches.

Although the drill is “high visibility” in one sense – cops dressed in riot gear will be involved – many details of the exercise remain “top secret and that’s the way it should be. Only they need to know what the game plan is,” reports KTTV.

Instead of asking hard questions about what precisely taxpayer dollars were being spent on, the news channel prostituted itself to become a mouthpiece for the authorities, justifying the drill by hyping the threat of terrorism – when in reality academic studies show that Americans are more likely to be killed by accident-causing deer, severe allergic reactions to peanuts, or bee stings than they are by terrorists.

“What we need to know, or rather be reminded of, is that the threats, homegrown and imported, are all too real. And in one way, we’re all undercover agents who need to be aware of our surroundings,” states the report, encouraging Americans to become spies for the state.

The report also failed to mention that virtually all of the major domestic terror plots in the United States over the last decade have been “hatched by the FBI,” as the New York Times reported.

L.A. County’s Homeland Security Division chief Ted Sexton admitted that the DHS drill was not based on “any credible threat information.”

The sycophantic KTTV report even urged Americans to say “thank you” to uniformed agents who would be eyeballing them at at Union Station.

As we reported yesterday, many Americans frustrated with over the top security measures have given up on celebrating Independence Day altogether, noting that the stifling precautions have left them with little “freedom” to exercise.



Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars

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  1. gary says:

    I’m sure pleased I moved away from the big city 15 years ago. Living in one of the lowest populated counties in the USA. Most of the people I meet in my travels are oblivious to what is happening and they don’t care as long as they have their 3 days of take out in the refer. This stuff in the USA is happening because there is not enough knowledgeable people that care about the future and the preservation of a way of life that was a true gift from some of the smartest geopolitical people ever assembled in one place (1760 to 1790). People in big cities do not realize how easy it will be to turn them into Soylent Green as defined in the futuristic movie from 1973 (Staring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson set in the year 2022). If you have not seen this movie, be sure to rent it. Right now there are too many people in the USA that prefer a handout from Feds versus saving / planning / living off their own labor. Everybody wants lots of face book and linked in friends. But when someone needs help, none of those FB / LI Friends are willing to help. How many times have you seen friends offer a bedroom / food to someone that is in serious job loss status?

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    How many REAL (not government sponsored) terror attacks have taken place in the USA? Specifically those committed by foreign individuals? 3? Two foiled by civilians one (Boston) which may have been part of the FBI’s game.
    All the rest had government involvement. EG: 9/11
    So why don’t I or the majority of Americans feel as safe as we did oh say 15 years ago?
    Why do these “drills” that take away our rights to unlawful search and seizure terrorize us? Why is this being done when there is apparently no reason for this? Doctors kill 280 thousand and wound another 800 thousand every year and NOTHING is being done about that. Cell phones replaced DUI in traffic related deaths and little to nothing is being done about that.
    Yet my rights are being stolen away because of some sort of terrorist fear factor that is based in nothing other than government scare tactics and home made terrorist events and we are supposed to run scared? Why?
    Holy crap Batman, (yes Sandy Hook) why is the US Government doing these things?
    Well Robin, it is all about controlling the minds of the people.
    Batman how can creating false terror situations control the minds of the people?
    It is simple Robin, watch what happens when you carry a legally owned shotgun into Walmart and see how the people react. Remember Walmart sells shotguns.
    Oh Batman, I get your point they are already running scared because of the plethora of media manipulation forced on to them by the Zionist owned media Elite. I get it! It is already mind control.
    Hey Batman,
    Could you please pass me some more hay?
    Sure Robin and have an extra helping of GMO corn too!


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