Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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  1. Winter Storm says:

    The only good thing about this "movie" was BB8. And, TR-8R, of course

  2. Winter Storm says:

    When I saw the beginning, I thought they were finally getting all bad ass and nolany, but they managed to create the same ol' random crapola from the rest of the saga. Hey, there were storm troopers who actually hit that barn door! Must have been the elite…

  3. Wait a minute Yoda was in the V not IV

  4. swino = star wars in name only

  5. featuring more mary sues than my middle school star wars fan fiction and more deus ex machina than… any other thing I can think of.

  6. New guy is way better anyway

  7. TYKX says:

    This honest trailer is so British…. if you know what I mean.

  8. Han So-Long, lol I lost it there. I wasn't and still not happy he died. Easiest Money ever Made Luke, had me rolling.

  9. musicadictor says:

    you cant really blame kylo Ren though.. I mean.. look at his dna line..anakin..luke.. no wonder he's so whinny..but truth be told he's the most realistic in terms of emotional expression!

  10. Mus Albert says:

    please do batman v superman.

  11. I hate Star Wars and I also hated Star Wars fans…exept one

  12. I was once called a nerd by a Star Wars fan cuz im a potterhead…bitchpls

  13. David Kolb says:

    I don't care about criticisms of the movie people give out, this movie was AWESOME!!!!!

  14. Adam R says:

    What's the connection with red letter media? But hole eyes was funny btw.

  15. honest traler of the perg

  16. Adam Agoub says:

    Rip Han Solo :(

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