Honest Trailers – Star Wars


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  1. So… Anakin's bad acting and lines were actually… Good acting and lines? Woah. I didn't mind the prequels, I even kind of liked them, but woah… That just made them a bit better consistency-wise

  2. Epic voice dude looks just like Porkins.

  3. Please say "I'm Commander Shepherd, and this is my favorite store on the citadel"

  4. Hector Guppy says:

    the lightsaber dual in star wars a new hope is way better than any of the shitty ass prequels.

  5. Anakin owned R2 not obi won that's why he said "I don't recall owning a droid"

  6. cole fitz says:

    guedo shot first

  7. LUJATO 123 says:

    Han shot first

  8. Chilakiller says:


  9. sad cucumber says:

    Can someone explain the Han shot first thing to me please?

  10. André Braga says:

    So, u guys thinking of making episode IV empire strikes back?


  12. SAY: Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o

  13. Obi wan never said he didn't know c-3po and r2-d2 he just said he never owned a droid as r2 and 3po were owned by padme and anakin

  14. What's wrong with Wailers? You know Bob Marley was apart of a band called Bob Marley and The wailers??! Don't diss the king Honest Trailers

  15. Do A Honest Trailer about Gremlins 1+2 !!

  16. dughrdy3 says:

    Let's do The Last Starfighter!

  17. LiLNikoable says:

    Please do Empire Strikes Back!!!

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