Hot New Fashion Arrivals at Tren-D Disney Springs


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  1. Cait Hart says:

    Love the video, are you not showing prices any more?

  2. Lauren S says:

    Great video as always! I wonder if you know or could please find out for me the price of the little mermaid pants and the sleeveless zip up jacket? Thankyou :)

  3. Victoria P says:

    I need more Disney I love this channel!!!!

  4. How much were the Harvey purses?

  5. Dreaklock says:

    That's a great service you provide! I'll see if I can find anything I want and I'll buy it from you. :)

  6. Tabitha L says:

    So much cute stuff!! I could go broke in that store. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. FLyin' FLynn says:

    oh my …. What a Gorgeous Top
    … how much is the Beauty&TheBeast Top/Dress starting at minute 3:18 ?….
    by the way thank you so much in advance for upLoading this video 'EverythingDisneyShopping' !!!i feel like i'm walking into the stores & Disney Stores are my 'Happy' Place… :'D :'D *tears of joy*

  8. FLyin' FLynn says:

    … aAand I Love The LittLe Mermaid Pants & jackets too!!! aAarghh!!!!!!!
    i wish i was there!!!
    …same here like what other Disney Fans said… i could go broke if i visit that store :p

  9. do u know if they have plus sizes?

  10. do u know if they have plus sizes?

  11. Those leggings @02:49 are soooo cute and coool!

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