How a World War II Submarine Works (720p)



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  1. I am ready to start building a NarcoSub

  2. Ro De says:

    I'm sure this was used to train crew in the past, great documentary!

  3. Brian NZ says:

    Wow, so complicated. I'd be interested to see something on a WW1 sub. I bet Holland's boats weren't this complicated lol.

  4. g0mhc says:

    Submarines are referred to as 'Boats' not 'Ships'

  5. this is a great video to give me a good idea of how to make interiors on replica builds in games like space engineers where i made the I-401 and the Kongo fast battleship.

  6. yunas saxer says:

    very intersecting Tak. AZiz!

  7. dillmon1 says:

    Im guessing lbs means psi

  8. Jonny B says:

    While complicated, at the same time it's painfully simple really. Just valves, pumps, pipes and tanks really. Using simple mechanics like pressure, fluid dynamics and buoyancy. Quite a few brilliantly designed systems that are so simple. That fuel oil assembly. With the gooseneck. Simple yet effective. Love good engineering.

  9. I Robott says:

    The U.S. deployed 273 submarines against the enemy during
    world war II.. 52 of these subs were lost.
    Although they comprised less than 1.6% of the total
    U.S. Navy strength, they caused more than half of
    Japan’s sea losses (54.6%).

  10. zolikoff says:

    If this was meant for the average viewer, it just shows how much the average level of intelligence and knowledge of the public has degraded over time.
    A documentary about this today would just say "water is pumped out to make the submarine rise – hey check out this cool clip of a submarine emerging!"

  11. 顧小四 says:

    Submarine not different

  12. Had no idea that these WWII subs were that much more complicated then your average personal submersible or even an RC sub. Wow.

  13. arrowmint11 says:

    far out ….. people who serve in these things got some big balls … this ain't for me…. fuck that.

  14. Ingo Hiller says:

    boy is that complicated

  15. Just because its upscaled to 720p doesn't mean it actually is.

  16. Just because its upscaled to 720p doesn't mean it actually is.

  17. Whats long, black and filled with seamen? A submarine!

  18. Shih Town says:

    720p? Seems legit

  19. Zilch79 says:

    I'm pretty sure the narrator is Thurl Ravenscroft. Most people will remember him as Tony the Tiger, but he also sang in the song you hear on the Disney Haunted Mansion.

  20. Stephen Gard says:

    Thank you for posting this. Just visited the USS Pompanito in SF and this answered a lot of questions raised in my mind. Submariners have to be among the bravest sailors. Half an hour down there and I was scrambling for the exit.

  21. Wow!! Great tutorial.

  22. Mr. Sarvy says:

    those 60 year old documentaries teach more then a 2 houer "documentary" of today

  23. Thank you for not altering it with your personal logo

  24. NaYawkr says:

    German Type XXI subs were the basis for the future U.S. and Soviet Submarines.  After the war we got a number of completed Type XXI boats, while the Soviets got the plant used to build them.

  25. did we back down , when the German, bombed. pearl harbor,

  26. John Smith says:

    If I hadn't been working out, I would have fallen asleep watching this.

  27. Eric Taylor says:

    Should this be on the internet? Surly the Germans and Japanese can see it.

  28. Ronald Cach says:

    Fantastic! I learned and was amazed at how complex it is.

  29. Eitan says:

    wow they are water-tight and air-tight!

  30. TheBarret says:

    720p ….who u kidding lad?

  31. BRICKBAT says:

    Officers and men would always call each other front cunts and back twats and the ballast tank for the shithouse would build up pressure and you would get covered in shite !
    As kid my brother came home on leave clean and asked me to pop a boil on his back ?
    Smelled of deisel and when my other brothers boat docked in HMS OTUS OBERON CLASS
    When you sleep in your bunk you cannot turn over and the oberon class had two torpedo tubes at the aft FULL OF COLD BEER

  32. ramairgto72 says:

    Didn't know the Grim Reaper did narrations.

  33. Agree 100% about DAS BOOT as #1. One of my all time favorite movies. My favorite way to watch it is with films native German audio with English Subtitles.

  34. Exxxxcuse Meeeeeeeee!!!!!!?????;!!!!

  35. I feel like a stuck on bottom submarine….here in New Orleans

  36. Pocono Gym says:

    Best submarine video out there. I would like to see a video showing how the controls work to dive, surface and maneuver the sub.

  37. sinergxp says:

    As a basic exposure is very good.

  38. fidelssn689 says:

    Submarines Once! Submarines twic! Holy Jumping jesus Christ! We go Up! We go Down! We don't even Muck around…………..

  39. Raymond J says:

    thanks for shareing buddy great doc !!!!!

  40. Sounds like Cronkite with a bad cold.
    Wart-her (water) … bat-her-ries (bat-trees)…battery !

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