How Close Are We To World War III


I can hear everything around you something is going to happen . As never before the world it is on the brink of total war , and there are powers who just want …


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  1. And why does this criminal cult want to start a war with Russia
    when they know better then anyone that they CANNOT win.
        I am of the opinion that it is b/c they want destroyed us the American people not the Russians which would be no more then collateral damage in their minds . In Moscow they have & continue to build under ground shelters for the populaces & what do we have here in the U.S. under ground cities for the elite ONLY.  
            But we who believe have a City on a Hill { Rev.21:2 } THAT THEY KNOW NOT OF & neither will they partake of/ enter not in.

  2. Awesome report Brother blessings upon you and yours   Yah Speed    Laurie

  3. WW3 headlines have been around for years.
    3rd blood moon may be a game changer though

  4. I also went to leaders of my church asking if they were a 501c3 and they said yes.. I asked how they felt about coming under the Catholic Church and was not so surprised (due to the Holy Spirit dealing with me over some other things in regards to the church) when both myself and my daughter, who had asked one of her youth pastors, were told that UNITY they would embrace, "but we would never give up our doctrine".. I then read an article about FEMA Clergy Response Team.. And remembered back a couple of months prior to a sermon given by the Pastor of what is referred to as SERVE ( they go out in the community and show Gods love in a practical way, at least that is there slogan) and in that Sermon he had told the congregation that he was part of the FEMA Clergy Response Team. (If you don't Know what that is you should seriously look it up) . I obviously new 100% that the Holy Spirit had been trying to warn me.. We are now without a Church and we are doing church from home and I personally listen to sermons online (not from anyone like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland ect.. There are far to many to name) But I would advise all church goers to ask that same question..

  5. Theresa! says:

    +The Vigilant Christian please consider watching this and some of his other videos.

  6. cotrocious says:

    Steven you have to do a segment on the khazars and why you believe the Jews in the land are truly Judah

  7. You re wide awake!.Good word,keep it up.Shalom.

  8. LynnAnn 1957 says:

    Do you know what his nationality is?

  9. Shalom brother +Steven Ben-DeNoon, I'll keep it short… We're closer than no one can imagine. But the BEST NEWS EVER is the following. Jesus is coming back VERY VERY VERY soon!!! AMEN! Shalom brother Steven, love you very much. Praying for you (meaning all your houseold), for Israel and for your PM.

  10. I am living in Ukraine. The fact that Russians are in the East is common knowledge. 9 of 10 fighters there are either Russian regular army "on vacation" or hired Chechen mercenaries. In Chechnya, there is a large population of traditional warriors; they live to fight. Those men are killing Ukrainians. Most of the Ukrainian fighters are unpaid volunteers.
    *! And, here is what they are NOT telling you in the West: The Russian and Chechen fighters have orders FROM MOSKVA to kill all Christian pastors. A few have escaped. A very small number were tortured and released (to spread the word to Christian pastors: run.) But, most have been murdered. Not just the pastors: the Russians also kill all sons over 12 in some families. Other times, they murdered entire families.
    But, they do NOT kill Orthodox priests. This is all part of the New World Order. The appearance of a division is an illusion, created by the SSS.

  11. Apache Sakai says:

    when Christian almost become a minority in Europe, The ww3 will begin, it still take another 30 – 50 years, i sure i won't be there to watch

  12. don't forget that America was supporting and sponsoring Hitler

  13. Marcello1b says:

    I have to say about (14:24), that there are many also that are seeing the Arabia Saudi. Also, some are referring the Revelation and Jesus's prophecy, as other prophets from Old Testament pointing to the same place.

    So, seeing the pope always behind any plots, "I wish God would already be here". For me it is as saying that the Vatican was behind WWII and Nasi party.
    I keep up listening but I am also vigilant.

  14. Marcello1b says:

    Yeap! That's me again. (At 14:10), Would it mean that the Americans are with the pope (Vatican) and Israel as well? Whose are they helping the most??
    Me, I am just trying to keep up; and I don't give yet to understand.

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