How illuminati show “Lucifer” on TV (R$E)


Inside Secret of illuminati Lucifer Propaganda Exposed (2017).

Look again at the Rolling Stone Magazine cover, it even has headlines on the side that use terms like “Her Father’s Pain”, “Radical Crusade”, “A New Battle Plan”. These are eerie when considering the true context of the cover as it relates to the Luciferian agenda.

Beyonce’s headwear looks like a fake version of the maine of a Lion, this symbolism is all in Blasphemy of the true King Jesus, the Lion of Judah. As someone pointed out below – we also have the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation being represented. There are so many things being symbolized. The Bible is the core of all Truth! Turn to the real Messiah today!

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  1. beyonce n jay z…………just another couple of muppets. oops, sorry……..puppets !

  2. Thank you for all the time you put into your research on these topics, and sharing them once a person starts waking up its amazing just how much symbolism you see!! Jesus Christ is the king of kings !!

  3. Besides finding out who is choreographing this deception, you really have to wonder why we cannot literally arrest these Satanists. Sorry no First Amendment allowed. Whoever erected that Satanic statute in Oklahoma City should go to prison……..I digress….a little but why is this stuff wholly legal?

  4. Oops, if what the maker of this You Tube SAYS is accurate……..I meant

  5. A key question is that, if what the maker of this You Tube is accurate, then who is choreographing this Beyonce presentation with such knowledge of all the necessary details

  6. Comprehensive amalgam of archetypes unleashed on the world. The rise of the goddess could focus on Oprah's present consideration to run for the presidency in US in 2020. And all these Babylonish females heralding she who rides the beast.

  7. You are saying something. These whole deception and mind control system is a clear sign that the messiah is coming to take over life on earth, which is known as paradise on earth.

  8. cameron H says:

    Beyonce and JayZ are both trannys

  9. thanks for exposing her

  10. blucielle says:

    Can you try and re upload your alien video? Your other one got blocked! Thank you! ❤❤❤

  11. lay the hell off of paris. she is not in the illuminati or any of this shit now stop!!!!?

  12. Darren Davis says:

    wow I like the way you broke it down and explained this video excellent, very very interesting I shall be checking your other videos out, definitely makes me wonder.

  13. marc white says:

    What a tremendous video. Very impressive exposure of what their doing.

  14. marc white says:

    What a tremendous video. Very impressive exposure of what their doing.

  15. Khamsin says:

    Thank you brother for all you do! I did a hour long video analysis of the grammys. I found some very good revelations . There are connecting points between jay z and nimrod, the 1,000 points of lucifer and the 1,000 girls as she states in this performance. The mandala images based on Christianity she made on stage and the birth of Tammuz/ false christ, anyway, just check it out. It was difficult finding but i think it'll help us to be aware of satans devices ! Oh the chair is a ritual of fear, also beyonce was told by Adele"you are the light!!! She also said i want you to be my mother, hence the mother of harlotry worship! Peace and blessings

  16. Durnell5 says:

    Beyoncé was actually channeling the goddess Oshun/Osun. She is an African goddess of fertility and especially twins. The women dancing around her are dress in the colors of Osun's followers. David please research Osun/Oshun. She is often compared to Isis.

  17. jxaos says:

    That was a beautiful description of what is going on, thankyou

  18. R$E Don't know if You know this or not, But Youtube is blocking You from getting likes, They do this to all videos that teach against the synagogue of satan, And they make the button not work at random so it is hard for someone to show, At first I thought it was just something wrong with the script or a problem with my computers software but then after messing with it for over a month off and on You can literally see that the same A.I (artificial intelligence which I think is a huge part of this coming "satan" and all of this came online when they built that "world's largest computer system"<They even named it satan in the beginning, I think..Got to searching it out and it runs stuff for CERN/shiva/destruction…I know You get it>but a whole other story in and of itself. I just wanted You to know You have A LOT more people liking that You share the TRUTH of Jesus Christ being the only begotten son of GOD as well as being God's own angel born as a man to die, His blood making atonement for all of us that none should have to taste death(The second death, Though many will for simply loving evil and hating what their heart tells them is good) and it blows My mind that with people even seeing how bad things are becoming, How they are being poisoned physically( chemicals, CELL PHONE TOWERS THAT ARE STRATEGICALLY PLACED TO KILL OFF THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION-THANKFULLY WE HAVE PEOPLE COMING FORWARD EXPOSING THE AQUARIUS GROUP/C.I.A-THE BAD ONES THAT WORK THERE, NOW THERE IS SCIENTIFIC DATA PROVING WHAT THESE 3G AND 4G TOWERS ARE DOING TO PEOPLE, SHOWING WHAT CELL PHONES ARE DOING TO PEOPLE AND HOW THEY ALL TARGET THE BODY'S OWN ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PROTECTION FIELD THAT SURROUNDS OUR BODIES.. HECK EVEN FUKISHIMA WASN'T DISASTROUS AS "THEY" HOPED FOR SO THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SEEPING RADIO-ACTIVE WASTE INTO THE GROUND WATER SINCE HAVING OVER 1/3RD OF THE WORLD'S WATER CONTAMINATED BY THAT PURPOSEFUL EVENT(IF YOU ALL KNEW HOW MANY CONTINGENCY/EMERGENCY/PREVENTATIVE MEASURES/FEATURES ARE BUILT IN AS A PRECAUTION TO KEEP THE REACTOR FROM GOING CRITICAL AS WELL AS ALL KINDS OF OTHER THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG..THEY LITERALLY HAVE DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS WORKING LIKE AN INTENSIVE "BRAIN-SURGERY"-that is how hard they work to keep things "Safe"..I'm sorry for going off ranting, I just wish we could all smile, knowing there were good things to come and actually be ABLE to really smile knowing that there is always hope, But literally no one can smile really anymore because they have systems in place to affect the way we think, To change the frequency of our brain waves/brain-state and keep us collectively in a sense of fear or anger, I have noticed through others that have extensive knowledge and hundreds of thousands of hours of study in and of these fields that they are all agreeing–When You see that happen in the scientific community, That is when You either WORRY -or rejoice because they do not EVER like to agree! I am just so upset also at how anyone can love what is evil?( I feel like saying or typing ":loving evil" is an oxymoron and as atrocious as a double-negative) Please, All of You who are in touch with reality and actually use Your mind and hearts, Please,PLEASE PRAY THAT OTHERS WAKE UP AND THAT MANY WHO ARE A PART OF THIS EVIL EXPOSE THOSE THEY WORK WITH OR FOR AND GET OUT SAFELY BY ACCEPTING THE LORD!

  19. John lew says:

    these people hate the Lord and want to worship Satan they get no support from me they are my enemies now choose a side can't have it both ways

  20. Onyka Jallim says:

    yes she giving birth to the anti christ

  21. Onyka Jallim says:

    omg! ?????? yo revelation 12

  22. Elsa Marku says:

    I am speachless,I think Hitler should come back and eluminate this shit of people. I cant beleive that they have the courage to publicly uphold satan

  23. JesusisLord says:

    I thank the Lord that he has given you the gift of discernment and wisdom. You are a watchman. I will intercede for you. God Bless

  24. Brother you break things down perfectly and know the word and present it as real as can be. Definitely appreciate what you do and what your channel represents God bless you and and may He protect you and this channel to bring people to our great and mighty Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

  25. Izzy Bella says:

    Thank you very well done

  26. I'm a new subscriber, but if this channel turns out to be anti-Semitic, I'm out of here!

  27. Thank you so much It was so clear and great to know how Jesus is the only way and so thankful as He is always show you or show others to give us the insight.

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