How it Works: Living in a Giant Submarine During Months – Submarine Documentary


A submarine is a submersible vessel capable of moving on the surface and under water; it is thus distinguished from other boats and ships which move on the …


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  1. slappy smyth says:

    And to think the government imprison a sailor for taking a picture.

  2. I wonder what the divorce rate is for those guys. I'd say it would be pretty high.

  3. Don Gibson says:

    Scary that these death machines are wondering the oceans from many countries. The insanity of humans who went from tribal barbarism with clubs and spears to this point of the capability of mass destruction on a global scale. Is any flag really worth this amount of threat to all of us? Conventional wars atleast leave something left to recover from but this is not survivable. Complete madness!

  4. Miha Krek says:

    Awsome i want o try to do that someday

  5. Soviet aggression? WTF? Dislike.

  6. Killspec says:

    During months? what months?

  7. Gary Willis says:

    It's ok for the US to have these in every corner of the ocean, but it is not ok for any other countries to have one.

  8. TavernSenses says:

    She's wearing a 1980s Belgian Army uniform

  9. Wouldnt it be the same living in a SMALL yellow submarine?

  10. Dixie Normus says:

    NOT sub-marine-ers..sub-mar-iners…like mare as in mother horse……from someone that was actually on one. There are two types of vessels in the water, boats and targets.

  11. Canadian Guy says:

    This is not a documentary. Its pure government propaganda.

  12. Erik Luyten says:

    i want donald on the buttens not hillery

  13. supernumery says:

    Why do they all sound like the puppets from Stingray?

  14. SnorryHobo says:

    in charge of nuclear weapons? what an idiot not even close, maybe in charge of a button lol

  15. Mas Pause says:

    God bless these men !!

  16. All I can think of is the movie Crimson Tide.

  17. Hey, she's wearing a British army sweater. US knitwear no good?

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