How many visas have been revoked since Trump’s travel order?


The State Department said Friday fewer than 60,000 visas were revoked in the week since President Trump suspended travel arrivals for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

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38 Responses

  1. Kim Barnet says:

    No borders. No country. What a bunch of MORON losers.

  2. Islam is a religion based on hate towards all non-Muslims. Their goal is world domination and elimination of all other religions. To that goal the Koran insist that all Muslim men may have unlimited number of wifes (some countries set a maximum of 4) so that they may reproduce like rats in order to take over the world. That is Islam and we have the right to defend against this world infestation by Muslims.

  3. tatical1975 says:

    not enough have been revoked

  4. Dale Gribble says:

    I hate cockroaches and people who don't go through due process, except aliens.

  5. ugh–that smug, self-satisfied look on that cunt's face says it all… virtue signaling snowflakes, go to hell and MELT

  6. The Minority, ( Democrats) and all these people who have nothing better to do than carry a sign and protest will shortly realize that President Trump is not like Obama! When he draws a line in the sand he means it! All the Left is doing right now is ensuring that in 2018 they will lose more seats in Government! PC thank God will be a sad part of our history in the very near future!

  7. why didn't you protest in your own damn country why are you coming over here protesting in my country get the hell out you will never be accepted here

  8. earthgem says:

    The comments about kicking out the foreigners are cracking me up… considering we are the original foreigners, who pillaged and raped and killed, and now we call this "our land"

  9. Tlatotoctli says:

    meanwhile Iran threatening whit their misliles

  10. non- citizens have no 'right' for open access to our country!
    this is true for all other countries in the world!
    make sense, don't BE a drama farmer!!

  11. Jack h says:

    Have any of you actually been to Tijuana ???

  12. S P says:

    Oh and by the way all you Libby SJW's …. you are the infidels too …

  13. S P says:

    Just a few peaceful quotes from the Quran to ponder ?

    Lord…Give us victory over the unbelievers.” Quran 2:286

    “Lord…give us victory over the unbelievers.” Quran 3:147

    “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.” Quran 8:12

    “Let not the unbelievers think they will ever get away. They have not the power so to do. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy…” Quran 8:59-60

  14. 60,000!!! We give out so many to Muslims from terrorist countries?! No way that should be happening. Thank god for Trump.

  15. BIG A says:

    ban woopi Goldberg and joy Behr from the view anyone else who hates America.

  16. Mike Dick says:

    these Liberals are like cockroaches

  17. pincurlz79 says:

    So stupid. Are none of these people watching what's happening over seas??? Ridiculous! What the hell is wrong with us Americans? Things are different now. The migrant now is not the same as the one from 10 yeas ago. Well when rapes starts going up I'm sure someone will remind them how racist they are for claim rape against a migrant. Don't even try to reply with cause me out or personal attacks. That shows a person weakness. Facts!! Facts are all that matter and that's the only thing we should be concern with. People's emotions won't keep me and my family safe. Yes, I said it and I'm the daughter of migrants. My parents worked hard and never lived off the system. No one handed them a thing. Now they're both citizens. There's a big difference because they didn't demand that America bow to them or throw the race card. My parents and many others did their very best to adapt to America and have nothing but respect and gratitude for this country even though they have always faced racism just like myself. Racism my whole life but I'm not a victim. Other people's ignorance does not define me. So gone on "Women's march" ladies fight battles that don't exist meanwhile the ones you want to best friends with live a nightmare and or a nightmare. Ask the Swedish and the Germans…..better yet google black pope and Muslim then click on images. Then burn those images in your brain.

  18. bob smith says:

    globalist fraud media hiding behind pictures of women as usual. muslim men out. they are dog shit

  19. Warkaa Jamal says:

    د غامنععتعن. ن. ن،منهق ظ ىرى وظ …..اى وغان

  20. jayfitch22 says:

    UNREAL!! You morons are playing with fire and it's the rest of us that will get burned because of your stupidity. We need to hurry up and build that wall and then start throwing these idiots over…all the radical Muslims, the lefty judges and lawyers, the liberal democrats, the radical alt-left liberal lefty paid protesters….AND THEIR LITTLE DOGS TOO!! LMFAO Seriously though…you morons need to leave!! NOT WELCOME ANYMORE!!!!

  21. probably the same amount that were handed out like candy from the obama admin.

  22. M E says:

    Although I am not an American citizen, I don't disagree building the wall. But some may agree when I say, a wall that long might be breached. So I wonder what Pres.Trump would do to prevent this from happening. This is a possibility though.

  23. Geeks4Life says:

    hundred thousand is not enough. keep up the good work trump. keep America safe

  24. Alex Wang says:

    Though we Chinese never bomb ppl, we need at least 1 million dollars and many other conditions to get one green card , costing 5 years, but The Muslim refugees can easily get green cards, is it fair? Frankly , we normal Chinese are also refugees.

  25. stop hating, yell the muslims. you hate usa and israel by burning their flags for their freedom. the shiites and sunnis are murdering each other when opportunity allows. what do you know about life and peace? the muslim nations are partly destroyed because of your islamic hate ideology so they are looking for a new nation to ruin and people to enslave. see what happens to islamic dominated nations like iran, libya, egypt, syria, afghanistan, yemen, etc. america will one day share those nations fate.

  26. Ian Cardwell says:

    Its not Hate, its just Trump isnt willing to risk there being even 1 terrorist slipping into the country by passing off as a refugee. Even if its only ONE terrorist out of 200,000 refugees…. Do you REALLY want to risk that one person potentially carrying out an act that could kill you or a loved one? Thats right, I didnt think so. Helping these refugees just because you think its the right thing to do doesnt mean its the right thing for everyone. You are just thinking of satisfying your own need to feel good about yourself because you help people in need. People like you make me sick, youre willing to risk sacrificing people from your own country, JUST so you can feel good about yourself for being charitable.

  27. roy planter says:

    Apply again…oops we lost that batch …and you cannot reapply for another 180 days… New fees $1000 background check fee

  28. roy planter says:

    Do these women ever take showers?

  29. The U.S.= The worlds dumping bin.

  30. richie zamot says:

    people form outside ROME is the place too go for get going too America there no jobs and too many rules. so u which live in peace go too ROME they have job's and people will welcome you with open arms.

  31. Notice how all the protesters are foreigners?

  32. Don't forget Mexico! Put them on a train and send them back!

  33. Alex Barron says:

    We're taking our country back one melted snowflake at a time

  34. why are people going crazy over the ban, he didn't ban muslim majority country like Indonesia.

  35. Nadia Lynch says:

    Welcome back to America. Land of the free!

  36. Iove75 says:

    Not all Muslims are bad in the same way that not all bible belt Christians are bad.

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