How The Illuminati Were Created ||Full Length||


How The Illuminati Ended up Made ||Entire Size||
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  1. Oxy Clean says:

    God himself let the illuminati to be . Satan has to asks God we he can and can not do. That's the power of God. God created the people who made illuminati. Satan only got the people and turned them into his pawns. God let this happen, but for what?

  2. Deena K says:

    my question to osama bin ladin being "supposedly" killed was:  how is it that the white house can magically have DNA samples retrieved within 24 hours when it takes the rest of the entire world 2 weeks???  Never trusted obama and NEVER will.

  3. Deena K says:

    tom hanks is part of them….

  4. Jesus lives says:

    How many years will you beat or speak of the dead or lost snake(Satan)…He has lost his spiritual authority to LORD JESUS CHRIST…LORD JESUS gave us the same authority so that don't fear he's(satan) already lost…We're more than conquerers in CHRIST JESUS our LORD….

    GOD in heaven laughs at the kings of earth(PSALMS 2)

    (Colossians 2:15)
    And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.


  6. May god be with you all

  7. WOLFROY47 says:

    i think, you all miss, the point, we watch, you tube or whatever, they make money, we stop watching, they go broke, so, they, pander, to what, we think, is worth watching ?

  8. New world order will come.

  9. Crusader 33 says:

    New World Order!!!

  10. hilp says:

    dude the Islam wins not against temple guys but they win against embasadors

  11. arshad khan says:


  12. SeekerPoppy says:

    Unfortunately I've just spent 33 min watching this stuff. I have one suggestion… find a good psychiatrist and/or get back on your anti-psychotic meds. I know, of course, that you won't, because in your illusions you 'KNOW' that you're right…because you believe your illusions. Mr11ESSE111 – no one can persuade this fool to anything else – don't bother, he won't listen.

  13. I Know bill sipher is leader






  16. Aco K says:

    Oke,Angels and Demons its not against vatican..they coop. with the iluminati by fake religion mass control. You can see here more people belive in pope rather. then God !

  17. Aco K says:

    Oke,Angels and Demons its not against vatican..they coop. with the iluminati by fake religion mass control. You can see here more people belive in pope rather. then God !

  18. Bank me some money(better 5 million usd) to eliminate the corrupt officials of my country(if you are real)

  19. is anybody getting a assains Creed feeling with the templars and most names he is saying in the game

  20. what is illuminati?the answer is..your mom

  21. grim reaper says:

    the intro Gave me a feeling of AHS

  22. This powerful organization ruled the World for hundred of years or so. So who are these people? The world full of mystery

  23. hi your profile is illuminati.

  24. Moneek Jones says:

    There no such thing is illuminati
    Its jus satan work tto sacrific pple n get wealth so is free masonry n rules to be given who do such things like these tings

  25. Moneek Jones says:

    Y free masonry n all these stuff is here for n making alot of lie behind it plz

  26. the Illuminati is observing right know they control most media that we watch. so they made YouTube and all this other shit we watch and they are watching and laughing at us they looking at our comments and about to make fucking Hillary Clinton our fucking president and start world war 3 smh this is fucked up we have to stand up and do something soon whether we want to or not so be ready at all times people's

  27. In islam illuminati call
    Dajal the one eye man

  28. Uoy Ebut says:

    Yeah and Columbia pictures is part of this occult

  29. It's crazy coming from someone like me who is not religious or Christian & I use to also believe that the common basic wisdom & positive knowledge in the Bible was already built in us like the commandments, but it's noticiable that our civilization is on a rapid dumbing down starting with our youth. The computer has taken all our free will away and it was done by instant gratification.

    That chemical of pleasure that is released when we as a species get what we want as soon as we can think it is now possible with the internet and it's mostly negative or disgusting shit that plays with our curiosity like porn, live killing and pure garbage is sadly what we are now into from all the years of conditioning & preprogramming done from our youth. So now what used to be considered common knowledge in the Bible is going to be a sacred knowledge of wisdom & truth & that will soon be abolished cause the family is enemy #1 to these wicked people who follow Crowley's "Do What Thy Wilt" mentality.

    People might have more knowledge these days, but it's all mostly of wrong things & since it was given by to us by one click we are very unwise to applying it & knowing what to do with it . The hand that rocks the cradle runs the world. The computer owns us & dictates our lives much more than we realise. And all decency that we used to be born which is found in the Bible & not taught in School anymore is corrupted, tainted & taken awa by the computer & our schools. Kids innocents is lost much sooner these days it's very sad.
    They see way too much & it only slows them down in ways that effects them more as adults & makes them make very unwise choices alone. I feel sorry for our younger generations who we subject sex, drugs, and things that strips them from all innocents to from letting them watch TV & be online to chat with pedos cause they are everywhere now. We will soon outlaw or abolished the Bible cause that's what the Iluminati wants is all the positive basic laws of life destroyed.

    Not just the Christian bible but all positive text that's speaks of a great evil comimg for our youth & has the basic human laws like not stealing a things that should be common sense not to do, but kids & adults fucking do it. The ruch & poor in diferent scales & their reason is cause I wanted it & was able/strong enough to do it. That whole suvival of the fittess is also from Crowley's "The Book Of Law" we are teaching kids that too. Women are being seen as men's prize or the princess mentality is built in them from kids. Girls believe in looking the best they can in order to be rescued by a strong bossy man.

    The Bible shows & depicts women such as "Rehab" a prostitute who ended up making a great name for herself by saving a group of very improtant people in the Bible who if wasn't saved by her courage & internal strength Christ wouldn't have been born, but God used this prositute "Rhab" and empowered her by trusting in her & motivating her when he seen people about to stone her & when she almost lost all hope due to the world & men treating her like a whore an angel was sent to her & showed her what she is capable of doing by trusting in God & herself. A lot of stories of women empowerment in the Bible and those stories if only young girls & boys were to know about & believe in it would make all the difference in the world & how they developed & function as adults. But no.

    Those stories are not accepted today mainly because they are labeled as fairy tales only telling me that human decency & good is consodered only real in an actualy fairy tale. What makes a fairy tale is things that don't exist in real life, so in other worlds tje Bible is like a reversed fairy tale. We are making those things in it not reality anymore it seems. That shit is crazy.

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