The step by step guide to becoming a FREEMASON/ILLUMINATI news reporter, hope you have pen & paper!!! Staring Boule/Black Masonic/White …


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  1. its easy. talk like youve been programmed….shit i just did it again. im about to becaome illuminati just to show these old asses and money hounds how its done. illuminated, my ass

    i havent watched this video yet. i just saw the ridiculous thumbnail of some black chick, throwing roman signs, with greek writing in the background. fuckin people. im off to work

  2. SACTICAL BAG says:

    " NEWS " loves to self promote and to show how they bow down to the group … showing their allegiance with color codes , hand signs and dancing " for masta " Really pathetic brain washed puppets …..

  3. Naomi James says:

    Another great video, thank you for sharing your research!

  4. Zeek Word says:

    why cant yall see there is no god or devil. every time ppl believe in something its looks like a human and if it looks different ppl call it a demon truth is ppl dont like ppl cuz of skin color.

  5. Trump recognizes the techniques because he himself is part of all that bullshit.

  6. Damn Fools, This is a course on how to be a puppet, until they cut their strings. Black people you are not Greeks, you're playing a devils game.

  7. Andie Rich says:

    Wow!!!! I'll just chop this up to the innocence of ignorance. I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I can't speak for EACH and EVERY member of a BGLO, but I can say that "I" have ZERO affiliation with any "illuminati". I have STUDENT LOANS to pay back and I have a local STATE job that doesn't pay much. Hell, I WISH the illuminati would hit me up and knock off these loan debts!!! If it were THAT easy, wouldn't EVERYONE join a frat/sorority? This is LAUGHABLE!! Lol!

  8. 12/04/2016 is that a mistake because that date hasn't come yet!

  9. west jack says:

    I don't understand the color codes

  10. Vani Jay says:

    I've always wondered how people just "got tv shows" when they weren't somehow popular before. Like, what makes them so special to receive one? It's always been said that you have to know someone that knows someone…

  11. Am I the only one who noticed at the end of the video, it said RIP Chris Constantine who died on Dec 4, 2016 …. ???? this video predicted this mans death. That's messed up.

  12. knight says:

    I too had also notice that the female presenters either wear red or blue dresses but also the men who sometimes wear red or blue ties.

  13. Ty Henton says:

    This video is just dumb!

  14. I don't think i've ever heard of a sorority helping the homeless

  15. agthaog1986 says:

    dancin for mass lml. its funny but it aint….. i mean its real deep but i dunno if the 33 and all that illuminati stuff have a whole lot to do with it (minus the news anchors and them). the truth of the matter is there are many groups in general in the world. the rabbit whole is soo deep we would be fools to believe that we truely have even half a clue whats going on. u have to think about it i mean theres soo many sub-genres in our society i mean if the illuminati is that important or REAL then they really are at the top and are not concerned with stuff liek black frats ,ect.

  16. MissTia777 says:

    So anchors cant wear read or blue without it being a secret code? This video mixes truth with tabloid junk!

  17. I bet the 179 dislikes are members of a fraternity, LOL!

  18. Temer Jones says:

    How did gorilla199 die

  19. Bianca Allen says:

    Well said Mts star

  20. Gabby C says:

    I don't really, really, get this ? every since the beginning of the video. If u go to college… that doesn't mean u gonna end up in the Illuminati cause u would just wanna a career! Also, If I go to college ( probably not) then that doesn't mean I'll be in the Illuminati! Please get the facts straight ?. BTW: People do take classes in the Illuminati which is f'd up!

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