HOW TO FIX WORLD WAR II – Demo Disk Gameplay


DEMO DISK UPDATE to: Funhaus (all) 1/11/2016 6:00am PAC To all Funhaus Employees, In 2015 we allowed you to get away with a lot of questionable …


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  1. Wooky810 says:

    Why not make a new series just for bruces parodies???

  2. The German accents had me in tears

  3. Yes, no more parodies.

  4. Alex Reinke says:

    I'm done if there aren't any more parodies. Good luck funhaus. Go on without me

  5. Walker Dean says:

    I thought Bruce's songs were pretty "off the chain".

  6. hello from the dank Web there must of ben 1000 deaths

  7. Daniel L. says:


  8. jimsanoob says:

    i like the songs…

  9. Havik Eagle says:

    Bruce please sing last resort

  10. Datenshifox says:

    I love the parodies, i watch them all the time

  11. This show has been about DEMO DISK GAMEPLAYS. 2/3rds of this is demo disk. Meaning a song, snaps, and rule 34 browsing should, nay, MUST be them dicking' round.

  12. Timmy Gray says:

    How do they not get a virus by going to these random porn sites?

  13. Arrow In Eye says:

    Whoever said that Bruce should stop singing parodies… There is a special place in hell for you.

  14. 0:00 Stop the Jewness, The irony with the Buff hitler pic for this video… The more ads you put on and in videos the more people will dislike them, because it just becomes a money grab instead of legit entertainment. Focus on the entertainment and the money will come, don't get greedy.

  15. F. C. says:


  16. Nooooooo the parody was my favorite part of demo disk :'(

  17. fuck them guys i like the song

  18. xxHB311xx says:

    can these guys even watch porn in private? is it still exciting to see after all these ?

  19. Connor Knox says:

    bruce i shall for ever miss your demo disc songs =(

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