How to see what government agency is spying on your phone.(please remix or share)



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  1. Mine actually said 2 hostnames, with the first being out of China "" (because that is where phone was made and tested, probably). The second came up as "When pulling the information for XXX.XXX.X.X, we found that the organization tied to this IP is unknown." I tried several traces on my number and it came up unknown and not linked to DOD or UK or anyone else. As a matter of fact, the DOJ is unable to call my cell phone because for some odd reason, Verizon prepay has it blocked. Used to work fine, but no longer.
    My phone is a prepay, but everyone knows that when you use a prepay, you do not list in your real name. Duh!
    My phone is Verizon and Verizon is operated by Federal Government, but the government cannot call my phone? Not sure how I swung that?
    Stop destroying phones, though, because all new phones can be tracked, supposedly. Get an old phone without Sim card if you do not want to be tracked.
    Sad for me, but we were already tracked unlawfully because my son was illegally tested (without my consent( for a chromosomal disorder, based on a mere 20 cell count, and they labeled him with a diagnosis he did not have. The CDC has a tracking program in place to track people with disabilities without their knowledge or consent. When I asked Jim Kucik with CDC if there were measures in place to correct inaccurate information when a corrected diagnosis is made, then he said "no" So, not only is my son and my family being tracked, but for the wrong diagnosis, etc… The complete medical history of my son, at very least, is on file with the CDC/government tracking program. However, anyone who sees a doctor at all is also being tracked. All information now goes into a central database (how is that for a topper to Obamacare?) That has been going on for some time now. You really do not want the government knowing anything about you, if possible. I limit what they know. There are ways to get out of the system once in; one way is doing prepay and signing up with pseudo name.

  2. davidboiss says:

    Stop seeing conspiracy everywhere.. the IP address is only an address on the private LAN of the company.. like your IP on a router at home is 192.168.x.x but company like at&t cannot stay in the 192.168.x block they got too many clients..

  3. I have 4 different addresses on my android.. ?

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