How We Got Gay (Full Documentary)



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  1. the gay community is the strongest and bravest people-i-respect you all-and-I love you-all

  2. Ok… As a gay male myself, I'm not going to be bias and jump on every word that is said in this video, yes… The stonewall riots were needed and beautiful… But per say, showing off giant condemns in the air and such is a bit much, kinda feeds the people who don't like us… Other then that… I'm proud to be gay! And we live In the best are and age humanity has ever gone through 

  3. Paul G. Pace says:

    Homosexuality, intrinsically, goes against everything established in the
    Natural Order. Being… or should I say, becoming gay, lesbian or
    transgender is not a genetic or biological state but a spiritual
    transformation into darkness. If people only took the time to study and
    understand the true nature of reality, they would see that everything
    that the LGBTQ movement stands for is simply rebellious and satanic.
    It's a perversion of the very structure that Mankind is founded upon.
    It will NEVER win against nor will it reign over the God-ordained model
    for marriage, which is ONE WOMAN and ONE MAN. Our world is under
    satan's hold and influence and satan is the captain at the helm of this
    entire LGBTQ community & agenda. These people need our prayers.
    There is nothing "proud" about being gay, lesbian or transgendered. I
    certainly DO NOT draw the connection between being gay, lesbian or
    transgendered and pride. However, it is extremely ironic that this
    following uses the term "pride" to describe themselves, as pride is
    exactly what was at the basis of satan's rebellion in Heaven. So, in
    this sense, homosexuals are proud to go against the established norm.
    The LGBTQ movement is built on a fallacy whose foundation is false and
    is nothing more than shifting sand. In reality, it will never take root
    in the system ordained by God.

  4. JD WRIGHT says:

    This is how "gays" came into the world, it is because of disbelief and disobedience of mankind, Rom 1:26-28,God turned his back on them causing them the have vile affections (strange flesh) the woman gave up the NATURAL use of her body for man as did the men give up the NATURAL use for woman perfoming unspeakable, vile, disgusting, unnatural, and wicked, acts one to another.

    They are the false prophecy, they the attempt of Satan to undo what God has put together MALE and FEMALE they declare war on the law set against their act and openly defy it…The non-believer, and those who support the gay community are against God's laws they hate them and seek to abolish the belief of his laws gays use the colors of God's holy rainbow promise as their banner of war and defiance of his law against their act, however it was written of their defiance and declaration of war against and how they perish in flame because they will LOSE.

  5. Martin Music says:

    Give me one good reason thats not sounding like a disney story why do you think god is real!?

  6. Gay people are retarded.

  7. Duane Teet says:

    gay fags crew back to you dad ass hahha

  8. hotathlete2 says:

    It is most difficult for those of us that are straight males to watch this video when it gives no fuckin warning before showing 2 men kissing. I began to watch this sickness out of curiosity to see what can justify this perversion. I stopped 35:02 when it showed 2 perverted gay men kissing. Again, put a warning up to gives us time to turn our heads to the side or get out the barf bag.

  9. Rahf Hussein says:

    ayyye canada and the 6ix

  10. "It's just love!", what crap!  There are two kinds of love; That which you feel for the woman you want to spend your life with, and that which you feel for everyone else, and never the two shall meet, at least not if you are normal!  Everything else is just an excuse for which the acts can take place, while claiming stupidity as the culprit!

  11. Honestly though why are homophobes on a gay documentary Unless they are there to spread hate

  12. Who you say this to someone's face that their a terrible and disgusting human being,probably not but you take comfort in hiding behind a computer screen Remember other people see this and it could hurt them Honestly gay people don't choose their life When they were born whoever they believe in set that path for them.

  13. langlang87 says:

    praise God and let us all turn from our wicked ways and those who work In inequity… this is not natural by any means and an abomination to mankind and a big screw you to God's face and design of life and all things… the Bible says that most won't make it in to heaven but I can honestly say that gays will not be allowed into his kingdom either… not 1 of us is near perfect I'll be the first to say even me,not by any means.. BUT,,there is light at the end of the tunnel and grace and mercy through the Lord jesus christ,, there is SALVATION in all that call upon his name and change his wicked ways and come to the Lord thy god!!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT AND DON'T REPEAT…. as the Lord says,, I never left you my child,,you departed from Me… but Im always here and will listen if you want to come to me… but time is not on our side for once we die it's then too late… GOD BLESS!!!!

  14. Matt says:


  15. Matt says:

    I'm glad this nation is not nearly as overly religious as it once was that's why it was deemed wrong

  16. SomeGladMorn says:

    m2:40 A lawyer for LAMBDA, how can you even face yourself in the mirror each day.

  17. Homosexuality is a birth defect !! No one should be discriminated or abuse for it, but it is clear that people that can't reproduce will just die out.

  18. jason white says:

    I hate gays situation being compared to racism. Race isn't conduct FFS!!!

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