Huge Collective Haul // Morris Day The Label. Zara. Choies. The Kooples


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  1. sab li says:

    why everything looks so good on you? damn! beauty!

  2. Congratulations for reaching 50k :))

  3. natural91LC says:

    I love mango jeans too! They're the best for that price ! :D

  4. Tavo haul filmukai geriausi, dauguma merginų tiesiog iškelia rūbelį ir padeda, o Tu įterpi filmuka kaip drabužiai atrodo ant tavęs, puiku! :)

  5. Please do another thrift shop haul! ??

  6. Kasy Cheu says:

    Can u film an updated pamper routine? You film the best ones ☺️

  7. Mihye Kang says:

    Beautiful! What size did you get in the scallop gem white jumper?

  8. The jumpsuits are so pretty!! Love that you try everything on :)

  9. Yza Lala says:

    Kokį lūpdažį dėvi demonstruodama drabužius? Ant tavęs viskas taip gražiai atrodo, norisi viską įsigyti. :D

  10. TheMalenaMa says:

    Company Reserved is from Poland

  11. Lola Who says:

    Loooove every single piece!

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