Hundreds Spot UFO In Austin Texas – Fox


Austin inhabitants want to know the real truth of what they observed. On Monday night time, they recorded video of what they consider could be UFO’s. They’re not by itself. There are reports that several people observed one thing in the sky in excess of Texas. Sighting Date- JAN 23, 2017

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  1. Saw 25 January similar bright yellow light in the South of the Netherlands looking towards the North-East at 22:00:18h. Light stood still for minutes, then slowly moved towards me and the east. Dimmed and vanished slowly. Made a couple of pictures and a short movie. It shows the common Yellow Foe fighter, light. We have Thai Lampoons frequently but these lights are not lampoons, not Venus, not Saturn or ISS, or choppers/planes or a drone. Saw them years ago at the same spot, six of them. Was in the papers an news here…Told us it was dust from Industry and interviewed some drunk teenagers. I did a report on internet and 4 people told they saw the same lights and stood next to me. I had more details about a Abnormally at the Moon just before these 6 bright yellow light appeared in the sky. But nobody asked what I saw, reports gone missing in clutter on Ufo report site or where deleted. These lights are brighter than Sodium or Mercury street lights. Fat brighter then plane or chopper lights and yellow. Going in separated directions on the same height but you can't tell what height they are. The appear simply at once in the sky and dim. These light are seen everywhere. At the Atlantic and in the Scottish highlands, in medieval times, the second WW and during the Wild West period…

  2. TheWormzerjr says:

    The truth is NOT out there. It's inside you. click my name and watch parts 4 and 5

  3. Expl0re Life says:

    Well this is new for Austin o.o

  4. J Aranda says:

    Trump that wall better be high as hell. illegal aliens are coming.

  5. ubtoo05 says:

    could have been universe ufo. don't matter what anyone says to me to believe or not… never doubted but seeing one extremely close you believe something of universe ufo. dating universe ufo because I do think possible we have some but I really don't believe just all ours and no others. so yes lady you saw a ufo… it is still unidentified flying object, unless was not flying.


  7. this is exactly what I saw New Year's I live in South Texas creepy…

  8. the USAF have secret weapons..they have experimental stuff galore ..if I was a bookmaker   that would be 1st favourite .it would surprise the public just what they have…

  9. Vice Man says:

    They are just Longhorn fans who want to know what the hell happened to the football program.

  10. I thought it said 100s saw these lights but show one person.

  11. El Hooligan says:

    It's was Ashley Judd virgina Flying over Texas. Because she's a Naaaasty Woman

  12. dwc coffman says:

    I see em too in Mi I posted a video on 1 sighting on my page that Tyler from secureteam picked up if anyone watches him films. code name santa. their here and we need not fear it, if they were malevolent, they wouldn't be giving you shows they would've hid in the shadows

  13. UFOSR4EEL says:

    Come on sheeple, the afterlife exist and so do other living beings throughout the universe. End of story!!!!!

  14. It's a UFO the government will never tell us the truth because we're freak out like assholes

  15. Erich Rick says:

    The stupidest news news anchors I've ever seen. "it's a bird, it's a plane, no its Superman! . I think I'll term them smiling idiots. Now let me change from my emotional hat to my intellectual hat. They are probably good anchors but when it comes to this report apparently their collective IQ was about 20. How could you equate what she said to a Meteor? Those were totally 2 different descriptions ! I hope they never sit on a Jury! God help the defendant.

  16. Thanks for the video…I can always count on you to find the ones that make the news!

  17. Jancil Lee says:

    if people only had a brain….

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