Hypersexualization of Children AND Adults- the Programming



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  1. moneypenni1 says:

    Thank you Dan, this had quite a diverse palette to dip into….:-} & thank you VERY much for not using the repetitions…..:-} PS. I think the guy who did the bit about Robin Williams was a dick head, but that's just my opinion….LLLOOOLLLL!!!

  2. Thank you Dan. Very important information.

  3. bantalee2002 says:

    Hi Dan I like the new format..good food for thought.. From what i have came to learn on the internet, so it must be true, was that long ago The Blue bloods line of Banking ruled Europe with precision and had gained their wealth through the plundering of other nations. The illuminati had always been a ragtag group of Freemason Saboteurs,always being the insurgents into governments of other Nations. By 1750 England,(Britain) on its own had expanded the Central bank of England's wealth,influence, control to all points around the globe,including the infusion of a Charter bank into the U.S..known as the Federal reserve. The zionist Rothschilds quickly became a financial empire by establishing charter banks into Europe. Embracing a letter by Albert Pike, a 33rd degree freemason who had clearly laid out the blueprints for an Illuminati plan for all of the 3 upcoming world wars. Of course the' illuminati' was in existence long before Pike was born, but were a ragtag bunch doing work for the kings of Europe. The greed of the Rothschilds went far beyond the imaginations of the goya monarchs of England, while they embraced the illuminati's plan and had the illuminati do their handiwork and funding both warring sides. ww1,.than ww2. Today the Rothschild's empire is global, aside from a few rogue nations,.having influence over most all governments, Rothschilds have charter banks in every nation on the Planet. Rothschilds own most all media outlets,they control Hollywood,what we see and hear on television,internet and the radio waves. The Rothschilds make the laws we to abide by and them not having anyone to answer to. They can twist the story to fit their timetable,tinkering,toying with humanity,.and now the final chapter is unfolding in the middle east, all major world powers are being gathered for the end scene in the middle east. When the question arises who controls the demon illuminati?..all fingers point to those who control everything..The Rothschilds.
    In October,Friday the 13th 1310,under the instruction of the Church,King Philip of France gave the order to round up all the saboteur groups of Knights Templar that were quickly establishing their roots in france. On that day, the King had slaughtered all known groups of Templars in his nation,others fled.
    It is interesting to note that the recent terrorist attacks in France occurred in November Friday the 13th of 2015. what's that got to do with anything? Plenty..Even though I had only made a preliminary search on the Dockets at the World Court, but it is circulating that France had brought Charges up against the Rothschilds Banking cartel for their direct interference into the current World Affairs,The World Court was going to bring the Rothschilds cartel into court on charges of being the World's largest instigator, perpetrating Gross Crimes against humanity for profit over the past 300 years. The Rothschilds and its illuminati retaliated on France for its role in the still pending World court case..On friday the 13th,The Rothschilds illuminati launched their attack on Paris. Yeah i know it sounds crazy,but that is what it is..spread the word and learn to say no more.

  4. Sergio Amata says:


  5. Is the guy seen about 1 hour 41 min. really waving an AR with a magazine in it inside his house?Hope you do not accidently shoot someone?

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