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Can Mark actually teach Felix and I all about World of Warcraft in a single session!? IS HE THAT GOOD!?? Get Tickets for WARCRAFT, in theaters Real D 3D …


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  1. JoeX Pasta says:

    Painful yet amusing to watch.

  2. Aaron Lumbao says:

    Science when was WOW so animated

  3. SpR3 Gaming says:

    LOL I have already seen the movie cos I'm in the UK XD

  4. I turn on video bcuz it's in my recommended and 3 seconds in and I already hate his channel

  5. MellieBe says:

    To be a true America Simulator you'd have to give the natives blankets infested with smallpox LOL!

  6. Blood Rabbit says:

    the movie is already out in germany 😀 it was so awesome and youll think every 3d animation is real (obviously because its blizzard)

  7. pokepal1111 says:

    …Jack you're in Britain… ITS OUT NOW!

  8. Ethan White says:

    That Iron Giant figure in the back doh!

  9. Can_You_Even says:

    the 1,631 dislikes were from the america joke

  10. Brii Mize says:

    I hope you know, Jack, that the people who made this game got Brad Pitt to voice Barnes. They even modeled the character to look like him as much as possible.

  11. YAY! Jack, I didn't expect you to play this, but I am glad you did!

  12. teubert2 says:

    4:44 "Your share of the loot is."

    Poor Jack not receiving his share of the loot lol.

  13. Eli Smith says:

    I have never played World of Warcraft but I have played Skyrim

  14. Ganta Handa says:

    the game doesn't look as interesting as I thought it would be.

  15. tix guy says:

    i have see the movie World of Warcraft
    this good

  16. I saw it in 3d the 28th of May, and I am from Denmark, It came out the 25th or 26th. So that means we came before America?!

  17. ChandraLee13 says:

    Okay, this was pretty damn funny. xD As someone who has been playing wow for 4 years straight, it's refreshing to see the perspective of the game from a new players eyes.

  18. god I live in America sean

  19. Can you play league of legends please

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