YouTube ASKS I DON ” T holds the commercial rights to MAKE MY OWN ! MY OWN ACCOUNT OF A CAR HIT ME IN THE VIDEO …


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  1. Nicholas Cox says:

    Your words are truth, you are not alone, we know the earth is flat

  2. Every soldier and cop is circumcized? There is a cir-cum protocol just for soldiers and cops?


    Look kid, its too bad the nurse didnt form the crown of your flat fucking brain when your mom squeezed you out her hole, but its no excuse to be LYING your fucking face off in between beer and coke binges moron. Have your fun, you will be nothing but a byword and statistic at rehab within a fortnight!.

  3. Mick Kahnke says:

    Wow.  Thanks, Matt.  I keep turning up formerly-hidden videos of your older work, and learning more.

    But, it never seems to be a problem for the castrated, Jesuit, pedophile schills to find you wherever you go, eh?

    Their playbook is always the same too.  Just be as snotty and foul-mouthed as possible to see if they can turn people away from waking up, and getting out of The Fence.

    Much appreciation, Here.

  4. teflonpizza says:

    Let's go to the salt flats and take measurements.

  5. Hello,

    I have a question.
    How can it be that you healed so fast, when you only had the accident yesterday?

    My only question..

  6. sarah s says:

    It's always about $$$$$

  7. Gary Leiser says:

    It's down and to the right

  8. D Dell says:

    I think ur the man Math. Keep spreading ideas and freeing minds

  9. EroomYrrah says:

    Boys, you got some grey some fast b'ye…..See, see, see what stress will do to ya!!!

  10. whburton1 says:

    I left a message for the hospital with your location, they should be picking you up soon…snort the shit and get that final buzz before they show up!

  11. Matt… They're most likely flagging you because the NASA in your channel name. I'm a computer dork since the 80s, built my first PC in 1991, left HS in 9th grade, broke away from the BS long ago, self taught, figure anything out I want to, everything is easy, if you want it to be, anyway, I own 30 domain names, not that I do much with them, but have been programming since the 80s, graphic expert, all things computer, not to boast, just what I bring to the table. Started landscraping 3+ years ago with a friend, am not after money, paid off debts, have no kids, people say I'm lucky but it is by design. Should hook you up with a website if you don't have one already. Anyway, no agenda, other than truth and I feel ya. Started watching your videos the other night and will be in touch again. Unfortunately, people mistake kindness for weakness, as well think I have an ulterior motive, I don't. Anyway, would be fun to talk, I'm sure we'd get alone. As far as morons, trolling your channel, laugh it off, don't feed the trolls. I'm sure you know what I mean. Ya do rock, by the way.

  12. Barry Satera says:

    Hey MATH its me from the movie set THE DEAD ZONE…Why are you hiding the fact that your an actor? Weren't you in INDIAN SUMMER also? I see your still working for the Illuminati and pushing their deception…Why don't you tell the truth? Its probably your last video because your not fooling anyone Mooktard. This fucking scumbag says he got hit by a car, flew 20ft lol…ripped his jeans but somehow his knees were  perfectly fine, the make up artist must of missed that area did you paint the scabs and shit on your face or did you have a make up artist do that for ya? See you are so stuck on yourself you that you screw up and anyone who can engage 2 brain cells can see right through you bullshite

  13. No political rock? You living under a rock? Never heard of muse?

  14. How do u know that every soldier or cop is circumcised?? Have you seen all of their dicks mate?

  15. ''IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS ITS BECAUSE OF ME'' – BUDDY…. There are MANY people spreading the word in the real world and on the internet and what do you mean because you couldn't get on YouTube? ANYONE can create a new account. Nice try.

  16. I use programs that mask my DNS , and I change my IP address a lot , sometimes I will just use a Dial Up account on a two wire copper phone line , I like the song I want to grow up to be a politician although I would not want to be one , yes I have had youtube conflicts about sounds and vibrations that they feel another entity has copyright over , I Love the music you compose so I hope this does not keep happening to you , ya know you can just run it through a mixer again and well you can keep fighting them too to keep your original content just the way you like it , Some things were just done the right way the first time and you do not want to change it , idk , – Peace 🙂 QC

  17. Dawn P8N459 says:

    You are a wealth of knowledge !!! I can not WAIT for Round tables and I can't wait for those that are willfully blind to one be enlightened with the KNOWLEDGE WE ALREADY POSSESS!!!!
    I love u so much !!!! 
    Lord Jesus HAVE
    Angels SURROUND HIM 24 /7 !!!!!

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