I Tried Different Types Of Spanx


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  1. CallOf Gta says:

    …every single one of these comments are about her body weight…

  2. You still look like a ham stuffed into a sausage casing. Sorry not sorry

  3. i work in retail, can't tell you how many people tell me they'll wear that super cute dress (that looks fine) with spanx

  4. I love how people feel better about themselves because they think they're "honest" or "brave" by calling her fat/asking her to lose weight.

  5. missylolly13 says:

    losing weight is cheaper but also the option that requires self control

  6. I love how they made the one that looks worse after spanx as the thumbnail. Thats right! We dont need spanx! Spanx isnt realllllly helping anything.

  7. DollDarling says:

    You looked best without any spanx at all!

  8. I feel like you're losing weight

  9. People need to stop judging her. She has a syndrome that makes her fat gather in tinge front of her body.

  10. Friday L says:

    Wow, she actually did look better without, what an eye-opener.

  11. Bun says:

    She has PCOS. That makes it harder to lose weight because many women with PCOS have an insulin resistance, slower metabolism, and the hormones that control appetite are disordered. Maybe before judging her, learn your facts. It's not easy to lose weight with PCOS.

  12. Being fat is unhealthy. It's a fact. Whether you like it or not. There's more fat around your heart and that makes it harder for it to pump blood. I don't care if it's 'fat shaming' or 'hurting feelings'. It may be hard to lose weight but it's worth it. For your health.

  13. I friggen love my spanx….even in my pregnancy.

  14. Nobody here in the comment section is perfect in any way to be criticizing her on her weight. You have no idea if she's trying to lose weight or not, maybe her showing off her body to her friends and on YouTube is her way of gaining more confidence in herself to lose the weight.

  15. No offence but of course the Spanx aren't gonna make a major difference like duh…

  16. the last 15 seconds was the most important part of the video; i would like to see the same concept applied to makeup as well

  17. Kendoll ken says:

    She is just showing us how the spanxs work on her body top, people on here is being very rude and nasty towards her. Maybe they should disable comment?

  18. sublimeade says:

    why are her arms so large?

  19. It probably would work better for me, NO OFFENCE, but I am a size 12 in pants and I have a stomach that doesn't looks flat in t shirts but you can see from the side if I have a tight dress on and I think it would make my stomach go away from the side in a tight dress

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