“I will eat you Raw” – ‘It’s World War III’ in Liberia


credit goes to VBS.TV and CNN .


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  1. yayablu1970 says:

    Looks like Chicago or Detroit!!!

  2. Typical day in Liberia town, Detroit USA.

  3. Smdh….bigotry …still present ….education is a must…

  4. Agreed. Now can you go tell all your fucking brethren infesting Western countries to go the fuck back there?

  5. xanh01 says:

    Show me any African country that is rich and free of violent and corruption ? None.

  6. Serious Sam says:

    I would love to go over to their country and start killing those african savages. I want to see them suffer.

  7. Serious Sam says:

    You sound like a nigger lover. MAybe you should join them since you love them so much.

  8. ExRhodesian says:

    you have to get a feed where you can!

  9. Agreed. But show me any Country that is corruption free period???? None.Lol

  10. Negroes should try staying home and fixing their own problems. Especially since according to the Elite White Leftist propaganda, Negroes are the most virtuous race on the planet. Of course it doesn't take much of a look to see that wherever the Negro goes it is soon turned into a cesspit of supreme ignorance and violence. The African continent nations have received more foreign aid and helping hands than anyone else and still they are unable to change other than to obtain modern weaponry.

  11. where's the earth's reset button when you need it.?

  12. Sen Channel says:

    American mafia at work…I wish Russia will rescue us over by wiping them bastards from earth

  13. fatjoni hysi says:

    Peace between people of siera leone.?

  14. My own country wow Liberia I'm very disappointed

  15. White or Black leaders….they can all be corrupt. Don't be fooled into thinking niether can be.

  16. Africa I will never step my feet on the soil of that Barbarians continent as long as I live in Jesus name Amen

  17. thanks america for creating monsters

  18. America sold Doe, and they toppled Taylor! 

  19. Ironclad says:

    Dont tell anyone Africa was full of black-on-black slavery before any non black ever set foot on the continent, it would destroy the "evil white man" narrative.

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