If Chemtrails And HAARP Didn’t Disturb You Enough, Wait Until You Hear About Morgellons


By Amir Alwani

For those unaware what chemtrails are, I will do my best to give you an accurate breakdown of how I found out about them and what I’ve learned since.  I will also include some health remedies that I’ve come across which may be of some use.

Around October of 2009 I heard that our government was spraying us with chemicals from airplanes.  I should have immediately investigated further but I didn’t investigate further for a long time (many months later).

Why?  Many reasons, not least because I was consuming high levels of fluoride and my diet was basically, “eat what comes my way”.  As this began to change I gained enough sanity to start to notice the chemtrails more and investigate further.  I experienced so many synchronicities around this time, typically indicative of change in one’s life.

Eventually, what I uncovered baffled and disgusted me.  I would like to stress that I do not seek to alarm anyone with the information presented here.

Morgellons is downright creepy and exhausting to even think about.  I’m really not surprised why I just found out about Morgellons now, despite having researched and filmed chemtrails for over a year.

Here, I only seek to encourage much needed-debate and research.  Many of you will already be familiar with a lot of this but if you bear with me it eventually gets more interesting.

For the newbies, proceed with caution.  This is just a brief overview but there are graphic videos linked in this article.  Some of you might not want to be eating when you watch some of these.
A Brief Note To The Skeptics

If you exhale in the winter you can see your breath because the surrounding air is cold.  Planes are closer to space and it’s cold up there, so you get these trails coming out of the engines of the planes.

However, in the past when the planes would leave contrails (condensation trails) those trails would disappear quickly, within minutes.  Now, as a result of government projects around the world many planes are leaving trails which linger, persist, expand and turn into what people then tragically refer to as “clouds”.

Tests show gargantuan levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, among other strange ingredients like red blood cells and fungus.

This is altering our atmosphere day by day, taking away the sky’s deep blue colour, replacing it with an ominous and poisonous, sometimes blindingly fluorescent white haze.

You are being attacked in this “modern” age and that much is certain.  Whether you agree that the chemtrails exist or represent this, it is obvious that you are being attacked via your water and food.  Personally, I don’t think adding air to the list seems far fetched at this point.  And that’s just for “physical” stuff.

I haven’t yet reminded you about the bombardment on our minds and souls via school and the soul-sucking mainstream media?

Skeptics would be wise to note that one of the reasons that it’s not always just condensation trailing behind the planes is that the spraying often turns off and on.

It is very revealing that one can see the planes spray and then stop spraying and then spray again (especially while the plane does not change speed or anything like that).  To me that’s about as obvious as the demolition of the twin towers and building 7, but I digress.

There are seemingly thousands of other valid points confirming the fact that we’re being sprayed.  If I wrote this a year ago, I might have included many more of those but the data is out there.  The internet abounds with analysis on this subject.


There are many weather-modification programs ravaging this earth.  The spraying is happening in at least all the NATO countries.  Even the UN admits that geo-engineering projects are occurring.  It’s getting coverage in mainstream media now.  An NBC-affiliated station called KMIR reported on it.

Zen Gardner succinctly writes, “If this is news to you, see the US Military paper Owning the Weather by 2025. Says it all. Like chemtrails, just the patents for all this technology is a total giveaway.”

The denial is very close to being over.  This expensive project, in its many various forms, is happening.  The ominous programs are supposedly to fight global warming but global warming is a hoax and the chemtrails are making us sicker.

Mystery shrouds this branch of knowledge and even for those who’ve gotten their feet wet the invitation to investigate further is often lost in a gigantic sea of information, wars, protests, chaos, distractions, routine, and an endless bombardment of crisis after crisis.


In a sad and hauntingly effective effort to curtail the truth, we are told that there are simply new types of clouds these days.  These new types of clouds just popped up now?  Just like this fire tornado and this death ray?  Give me a break.  This would be laughable if it wasn’t disturbing.

As for the meteorologists, they seem to either not care or are ignorant.  Them not reporting on this is like is like a nutritionist or a personal trainer recommending you eat at McDonalds.  Meanwhile, television and cute little computer generated Disney films and other Disney propaganda gets children used to seeing the weather behave in strange ways.

Images of chemtrails are being found in many commercials, advertisements and products just to pacify us.  Introduce it to us slowly enough and nobody will notice.  Sure, some of it must not be intentional, as there’s so many chemtrails it’s hard to take a sky shot without them sometimes, but many of them are intentional.

People can barely salvage memory of Osama being a CIA asset or that western powers used to be friendly with Saddam Hussein.  One decade Saddam is a friend, the next he’s getting hung medieval-style.

Does anybody even remember the west speaking fondly of the Egyptian dictator one week and then not fondly the next?  No.   Most people have no memory (at our current stage of evolution) and don’t care or pay attention.  Few remember that the sky didn’t always look this freakishly wavy:



Look Up

Many can’t even imagine an aerosol project so evil so they try their best to avoid thinking about it or discussing it with anybody.  For many others who are a little less cowardly, all they need to wake up is to look up.

I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of or if it’s a shame that people even have to be told to look up… It’s probably both.  If you’re reading this, go look outside right now.

There’s a good chance you’ll see a plane spraying your sky.  I’m not even exaggerating.  I used to keep a tally of the days they were spraying until I noticed it was almost every day (even at night).  And if you don’t see something being sprayed, there’s a good chance you’ll see lots of bizarre straight lines that we did not used to see in the past.

I eventually took many photos and shot time-lapse videos of the flagrant bio-chemical attack and the associated scalar electromagnetic waves (discussed in more detail later):

(mirror 1)(mirror 2)

Less Sunlight

Discovering the chemtrails proved to reveal a lot more than I original thought it would.  For one thing, it became clear that many people did not care about sunlight.

For most people busy resisting the idea that chemtrails even exist, they completely miss out on noticing the fact that our skies have less sunlight.  You don’t need a study to tell you this.  Whether or not you think the chemicals they’re spraying are bad for us, it would really be something else to say that you have no problem with losing your sunlight.

Sunlight allows our bodies to produce Vitamin D, after all.  Vitamin D deficiency causes a lot of problems.  Natural News reports that, “Your risk of developing serious diseases like diabetes and cancer is reduced 50% – 80% through simple, sensible exposure to natural sunlight 2-3 times each week.”

If you’re going to be talking about throwing microscopic bits of aluminum into our sky to deflect sun rays you better make sure you know the full health implications.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax

When people finally admit to themselves that this spraying is actually happening there are those that then gravitate towards the assertion that this is an effort to deal with “global warming” / “climate change”, and that may indeed be the case with respect to many of these programs.

However, I repeat – human-made global warming is a giant hoax.  Look at the geo-engineering section of my website and you’ll see lots of data backing up my assertion.  Climate Depot is also a good source of info on this.

I don’t buy the lies about CO2 being the devil.  Studies show plants would love more CO2.   I don’t want to be a guinea pig.  If people are already throwing metals into the air to deal with this, then I’m already a guinea pig.  It’s quite simple.

This subject deserves as much investigation as possible and even more courage if one wants to stomach what is uncovered.  It’s useful to keep in mind that just because you wouldn’t harm large masses of populations that doesn’t automatically mean that somebody else wouldn’t harm large masses of populations.

I will expand on the health impacts of these chemtrails later but for now remember that you’re better off knowing about these things.  Stick your head in the sand at your own peril.


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9 Responses

  1. Don De says:

    There is no end to the horrors now being perpetrated on humanity by evil forces hidden in plain sight. The US Government is complicit in unleashing unimaginable horrors on us with chemicals sprayed from high altitude aircraft. Look up almost any time of day and you’ll see chemtrails behind the jets, not to be confused with condensation trails that normally form from cold air and hot jet exhaust but vapor trails that stay long after the fly-over and expand in width, color and different cloud patterns. The Intel Hub article listed below is one of many articles written exposing this government approved New World Order genocidal program but is a very comprehensive article that will both disgust and anger you. If you have the stomach to read the article in it’s entirety and look at the videos that haven’t been scrubbed yet, you’ll know 99% more than most people on this subject that has had almost zero coverage by the highly censored media on this subject. It’s unfortunate that we’ve reached this point of a manipulated destruction of our own species by a self selected group of Elitists that have tried to control human destiny for hundreds of years but only now have the technology to accomplish their task. I implore you to read this material without any preconceived cynicism, digest it and recommend as many contacts as you may have to re-post it so that this massive indignity to humanity can be stopped before humanity as it was created is lost forever. Thank you. Your comments are also welcome.
    Don De
    (Text copied from my Facebook page)

  2. TRANSPORTE says:

    Mm. I’m in garditute that there are others out there, too, others who are thinking about the future – thank you, Dreamer!

  3. Have known about chemtrails right after 9/11 . Printed off quiet a bit of info. also. And yes this is real!

  4. Marie Lowrance says:

    I have been aware of these chem-trails for 2 years, I have seen(have taken photos) as many as 15 chem-trails at a time over New York City off and on daily starting at 6 AM, by early afternoon the entire sky has a film of nearly solid cloudy substance covering the entire sky! I found this shocking from day one. The amazing thing is NO ONE IS LOOKING UP, ESPECIALLY IN NYC! Even when I mention it to someone on the street, NO ONE, NO ONE is in the least bit bothered. I travel a lot, and have noticed an increase of these high fast flying jets producing wider and longer chem-trails all day, especially out West, and now daily over Florida. The ones out West created an array of shimmering gas looking colors of a very wide spectrum. I have taken many photos where ever I travel of chem-trails, there is a big increase in the criss-crossing array of these chem-trails until the wind carries them across the entire sky, and they appear to be A THIN LAYER OF CLOUDS! NO ONE IS LOOKING UP! The public can not help but be effected sooner than later.

  5. Made Viral. Thanks for the info. Time to wake up http://tinyurl.com/7dynl87 before its too late.

  6. J0D says:

    I live in Oxford in the UK. One morning I went out at 6.50am to go to work as usual. Now UK airports open very early, but even if you live very close to an airport you’d never see what I saw this particular morning. There were more than 50 chemtrails in the sky. I usually don’t even see one at that time of the morning. I was completely dumb-struck. I’ve not seen that many since and never seen that many before. They were zig-zagging in alldirections. They didn’t seem to run in groups in any particular direction to specific airports either. I don’t remember hearing any jets flying over either.

  7. LorieK says:

    Thirteen years of investigation and reporting on “chemtrails” (illegal aerosol operations) has been met with negligence from the EPA and other agencies. The MSM has responded only to call such reports “conspiracy theory” and blast reporters and investigators. Morgellons has received the same treatment from the CDC. Educate YOURSELF, because “they” aren’t in the least concerned and will continue these programs as they have since the 90’s, to the detriment of YOUR health, and the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere. For those doubting the use of aerosols….it’s patently obvious http://www.seektress.com/patlist.htm. Clifford Carnicom has done incredible work on both issues. http://www.carnicominstitute.org

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