“If you are in Favor of World War 3 you have your candidates” | CNN Republican Debate Rand Paul


Senator Rand Paul talks about the idea of having a no-fly zone over Syria at CNN Republican debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. The candidates on the stage …


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  1. I decided for you tonight, Rand, your ticket should be Paul Cruz 2016.

  2. if any Rand supporters are from New England I made a Rand page on Instagram @newenglandstandswithrand alright Peace and Freedom

  3. S Gr says:

    don't think it's fair for him to mention about the bridge gate, since Christie didn't confront him directly.

  4. Bridge…awesome 

  5. mab p says:

    Chris Christie died there

  6. damnright4 says:

    A Paul / Cruz ticket would absolutely kill  Hillary.

  7. Andre Pena says:


  8. A D says:


  9. Rooooooooasteeeeeeeddddd.

  10. maxcohen13 says:

    The "Bridge" comment was something I thought Rand Paul was above.
    Just stick to the issues if you want the most credibility. Your points and arguments are enough.

  11. mnesbitt100 says:

    That was funny!!!

  12. Good but he should stay focused on exposing Trump for the fake conservative he is along with Cruz and rubio

  13. haydn jury says:

    ha my country newzealand will be safe.

  14. Chris Christie shouldnt even be an after thought……. Paul/Napolitano if you want real constitutionalists refresh your friendship with Cruz to help do right by the citizens of this country.

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