ILLUMINATED ROBOT SOPHIA says he wants to destroy humanity


In this video I comment on the Illuminati robot that wants to destroy humanity ! Be on guard we live in crucial days ! Please share this video ! God bless you , STAY …


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  1. It's called joke…

  2. You're mentally ill Mario. It's not healthy to be so paranoid and obsessed with this nonsense. You're just propagating fear and suspicion with no proof or evidence. Life is hard enough without your stupid videos.

  3. mguerrein says:

    Illuminati robot… stfu…

  4. How the f**k does someone so intelligent really believe in christianity?? I feel sorry for you.

  5. brothers sisters YouTube may be taken ! enjoy it , after years this will be taken away

  6. Evening Buzz says:

    Oh my God. First electricity, then automobiles and now this. Technology is going to be the end of us.
    I am afraid of advancement. Plz lets move back to caves as God had intended man to live.
    If God wanted this to happen then he would not have given us a brain to create it. (whaaaaat?)

  7. I recommend u make a Christian / Jewish team ! youtubers joining up , against the new world order

  8. Evening Buzz says:

    God? Would God have given us the ability to advance if he did not want us to advance?
    If you can prove to me what "God Is" and "What was before God" and "What was before Before" then maybe I might listen to your superstitions. There are so many holes in your explanation of God that you become a Comedy act for God. LOL

  9. this deepy saddens me

  10. KoLoGRiA says:

    Terminator 1 Real life comming soon!!!

  11. PerpetratorX says:

    You talk as though this is sentient, this has been programmed to respond this way.

  12. It looks Hillarish. Kill it with fire.

  13. john clark says:

    oh great the terminator is becoming reality we are fucked

  14. Audrey Lane says:

    This thing is ugly and creepy! By whose standard is this thing hot?

  15. john clark says:

    hide the truth? they just admited their scumbag agenda the only difference is we allready know their agenda these people need to be executed for treason

  16. Tris Baker says:

    This is not a robot, and stop talking so much ffs!

  17. bigschmidt31 says:

    Is there a video of this with out someone talking over it? I would like to see it with out someone else telling me what I should think about it.

  18. LorRellyRell says:

    No way I would allow a robot to enter my household.


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