ILLUMINATED TOPS 2015 – to kill billions of people ( New World Order 2015)


ILLUMINATED PLANS FOR 2015 Tsunami in New York in 2015 WATCH : THE TRUTH ‘ BEHIND UN …


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  1. Mike Dyke says:

    Aren't they working on this NWO thing now for centuries?
    Boring to realize that only the nutters are still there while no NWO ever happens. I am sick of the old shit to be honest.

  2. This is so stupid. People are just doing this for views.

  3. Fiat Lux says:

    12 October 2015 and we are still all Alive. Only 2 and half months left to kill everybody.

  4. ladedade23 says:

    gotta let Obama draxx them terries skounce so they wont have to declare martial law. simple.

  5. Due to the lack of knowledge about Biochemistry, the makers of this video, including Alex Jones  make mistakes, due to not recognizing. ww1 and ww2 were needed to bring the western world into our current transmission. Food was meant to bring the humans race into Transmutation; changing humans into another form and nature and shortening the lifespan of the human. To wish for a state like Switzerland is being absolutly naive and dumb. Swizterland is not what you Americans have been made to believe in with the help of Movies. Switzerland is not a neutral country. Switzerland holds the biggest ARMY of Europe and the world. Switzerland is a  DUTCH settlement/Milk/Cheese, de Bonte Koe [ your Black and white or brown and white cows ] was created in Switzerland by genetical engineering of the Dutch. Switzerland is extreemly Racist; In their eyes every Darkskinned person; black, latino, arab or asian are predstined to be the slaves and servanst of the white Aryan race. Lausanne, Davos, Geneve are the political arena's of utmost importance, every government that does not abide the rules is called in for reprimand in Switzerland. You Americans are dealing with the Euro-peans/Scandinaviërs DUTCH Nederdietshen the Original language of the Dutch was Germandutch called Nederdietsh, which caused many in ww2 to think that they were dealing with the Germans.  Note-> CERN IS DUTCH. Headquarters was in Amsterdam. Office NIKHEF is advisor of CERN headquarters Amsterdam. Sciencepark Amsterdam. Next your world government seat is not in the USA but in France you are governed by the OECD.  note-> The History of the Warfare of Science; The Argument in 12,13 and 14 hundred was  Dutch or Hebrew the language of God.  the many religious scientist tried to proof that Dutch was the language of God based on certain evidence they found. Today , still, these Dutch headfamilies believe that they  are the first children of God of the bibles. note–The Dutch government was the first government who appeared directly on TV while the last towers were not down yet on the day and moment of the 9/11 accusing Iraq and the arab world.  Vladimir Putin has warned the Netherlands a few times already, that if they dont stop with what they are doing, that Russia would point to the world, the real enemy of the world. The NWO was set in motion by the Dutch in 1922.    Play the dutch language backwards  and you will hear a whole other sound..

  6. Nohea M says:

    the forefathers were a part of the secret societies as well

  7. Nohea M says:

    the forefathers were a part of the secret societies as well

  8. world will end view years after the 21 promsid

  9. For the sake of His sarrow for passion, have mercy on as and all the whole world.

  10. Tom Thumb says:

    People have been spouting this crap for 30+ years. Nothing has happened except we have the most heavily armed citizens in the world, which makes all of it way less likely now.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There is no evil plan to kill Billions,i just litterally took yrs of my life being on this topic,and it's incredibly complex,there is SO MUCH stuff to understand……………………there 's a lot of misunderstanding,incomprehension,desinformation,i actually WANT a one world government,all i want to say is this:don't worry,it's the natural course of human evolution,nobody will die,just do your regular part,educate yourself,learn as much as you can and spread love and knowledge around you.

    This tube is actually spreading more fear and desinformation than helping,and it's truly sad……………(post-scriptum,i won't read any reply,there's just too much of it,feel free to subscribe,if something is going on i just might start re-uploading again,i'm always reading news,it's all i do)

  12. It's already happening and been happening to all u nonbelievers. It's right in your face or level we on right now. They can't control the free mind and the natural universal power within me. So this too shall pass enjoy illuminati..whatever!! I'm protected by a higher power!!!!

  13. The Definitive Bilderbergs by Vince M Lewis on kindle is a good book that reveals a lot of this stuff in depth. This was a great video, we need to get the word out to everyone by any and every means.

  14. After watching this I learned that "Economic factors may take some spring out of the Easter bunny's step this year". Thanks mainstream ZIONIST JEWISH media!

  15. Margo Fr says:

    Noticed it's ALL WHITE Folks pretty much?

  16. Sumit Singh says:

    Anarchy Society for the Win !

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