ILLUMINATED & WACO my friend Dr. James Tabor has made this documentary


Dr. TABOR was nominated for an Academy Award for the documentary , just show you the facts , such as the FBI , ATF LIED B – pink Delta Force was used , …


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  1. Bill Otinger says:

    @deadadelta see Ex FBI WhiteHurst Documentary, He Found PyroTechnique Devices in FBI Evidence Lockers Years Later

    Regular Fire will not Start fire for THICKEN FUEL, Will not Ignite T-F, RENO and ATF, FBI LIED

    Their is no Statue of Limitations for MURDER, Just before the Last Attack on this Religious Group They were told you cannot now "SURRENDER"

  2. Bill Otinger says:

    see 27 year FBI Agent TED GUNTERSON He said the 4 ATF Agents Killed were Former Body Guards for Bill Clinton

    What did they Know? Documentary Paid for by JERRY FALWELL Clinton was in Volved in Murder, & Drug Dealing While Governor of Arkansas also see CIA TATUM CHRONICLES

  3. Bill Otinger says:

    at 14:10 they talk about SEX

    It was the ILLUMINATI, JESUITS and a Few PHONY METHODIST that are really JESUITS that MURDERED the People at WACO see JESUiT OATH

    see my upload "SEX with a 3 Year Old girl is ok for ILLUMINATI & JESUITS but they will Destroy a Gentile that has SEX with a 16 Year Old"

  4. Bill Otinger says:

    @deadadelta JESUITS were Exposed how they have SEX with Boys & Girls, see my UpLoad, "BOY SEX at WhiteHouse, BOY SEX with SENATOrS, Banned Documentary

  5. Bill Otinger says:

    26:46 Kerry Jewel Reads a Prepared Statement, FBI & ATF Bought her Nice Cloths etc

    Her GrandMother, Her Mother & TEXAS CPS who had already Investigated Kerry Jewel all SAID SHE was LIEING

    Remember KUWAIT, they had a GIRL read a Statement that Sadams Men thru Babies from the Incubators this Turned out to be a LIE

    They had two Girls Testify against JOHN TODD, John was one of the first to warn us about the ILLUMINATI

  6. Bill Otinger says:

    SETTING Up "NWO" for 480 Years see JESUIT OATH, PRESIDENT Kenndy said they have Un-Limited Resources see "FIAT EMPIRE

    BABIES DRUGGED Brains Damaged before Birth Video PROFESSIONAL PERSPECTIVES at wwwFLUORIDEALERTorg, Lady that says NEUROTOXIN now teaches at HARVARD

    ADDICTION & its NEUROTOXINS Artificial Sweets, Aspartame etc

    Clean BRAIN Liquid KELP & MAGNESIUM with AMINO ACID Video georgeeby

    Google SSSS WAVES affects Feelings 8hz Joy, High INSANITY, HIGHER "KILL" us, TV-A-Waves ADDICTION

  7. Bill Otinger says:

    @almadni4lyf1 I agree, If the People dont wake up see film CAMP FEMA

  8. Guy Smyly says:

    The volume of lies told by the government paid witnesses is astounding.

    Kerry Jewel looks like she's reading from a bad porn novel.

    (monotone voice) "I innocently played with my shoelaces and then took a shower. I shaved my girly bits,got them minty fresh,and pulled on my thong panties….David pulled out his penis and ejaculated all over my newly bought Minnie Mouse t-shirt."

    I'd never seen that testimony,she read it like she was reading a cake recipe out of Good Housekeeping.

  9. Bill Otinger says:

    That Jim Cavanaugh is now Making Movies for see site of (splcenter) Southern Poverty Law Center, He is a MASS MURDERER

    The Sniper Weapons B-Squad of Delta Force Used, I issued them, the 4 Agents shot all Got HEAD SHOTS from the helicopters, they all 4 used to Guard Bill Clinton, they witnessed him Picking up MILLIONS in DOPE money at MENA Airport see video of CIA TATUM CHRONICLES

    The American People Need to Wake UP

  10. Jerry Sweet says:

    oh mind god they are killing themselves.YOU KILLED THEM you murdering bastards

  11. Jerry Sweet says:

    clinton and reno using bluecoats thugs murdered these people.i pity them on the day of Christs final judgements.they will pay an eternal price for this murder raid

  12. "Destroy a Gentile that has SEX with a 16 Year Old"

    Unless, of course, the gentile is a Mason, at which point they can do whatever and it will be 'resolved' in one of dozens of ways!

    Great documentary I'd never seen! Thanks!

    There's another called "Waco Road Trip" that interviews an older woman that had some interesting testimony! She died shortly thereafter.

    This 'messenger' has opened many eyes and with 'friends' like the Federal WHATEVER, who needs Sadam Hussein or "Evil Empires"?

  13. Bill, most know the 'evil empire' gets their money from the GOLD MINE called the "Federal Reserve" and said empire is protected by UGLE Freemasonry.

    If Rothschild had to takeover their finances they could not possibly be above the Satanist Jews.

    Taken over? ABSOLUTELY, and over a thousand years ago!

    Look at the Baphomet and see Hebrew symbols around the edge NOT Latin; this evil pedophile stench goes back to BABYLONIAN TALMUDISM!

  14. Bill Otinger says:


    I think """BLACK NOBILITY"""is behind ZIONIST, JESUITS, ILLUMINATI, BILDERBERG, NATO, UN, Many Many Groups and Paid & Deceived Agents, see MI6 Agent Dr John Coleman Lecture on youtube Committee of 300 see Good Jews Warning us MYRON FAGAN, BENJAMIN FRIEDMAN and Today Video of Former Head of ARMY WAR COLLEGE Dr Alan Sabrowsky He says MOSSAD did 9/11

  15. This was an amazing documentary!

    There are few of this length of which I can even make it to the end; this one was flat IMPOSSIBLE to stop watching!

    What's up with the low views and may I mirror? (Some are being BOXED in.)
    I had some Craigslist ads boxed in as well and it's very frustrating someone gets to PICK who WINS and who LOSES in so-called capitalism!

    KAPOTALISM would be more accurate if you're familiar with that concept of 'sleeping with the enemy' for personal benefit.

  16. There was a rumor that several of the wet team members were feeling rather sick for what they'd been used and going public.

    Did you ever hear of this?
    (Sorry for all the questions!)

  17. this is Waco rules of engagement

  18. @1:48:35 translation I'll cobble something up

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