Illuminati 2016: Previsioni !! Dobbiamo raggiungere la consapevolezza di massa! GUARDA ORA !!!


Il video che si sta guardando , spiega la corruzione del governo. Per vedere il punto e vedere come fermare il problema guardare questi video : …


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  1. Jordan s says:

    People dont know who they are they are powerful amazing they can do anything they want
    nothing will stop them nothin no one at all speech:
     We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    We do not Forgive,
    We do not Forget,
    Expect us!

  2. You know what? You may control presidents of nations,the economy of the world,the media(Hollywood.Cable,Newspapers,Magazines,TV),Whats news to the say or print,What we are suppose to eat(fast foods,MC,ect..),what clothes to use,If I don't have the last tec celphone,I,m shit,If I don't have Jordans,Nikes or Adidas,ect., The big  pharmaceutical business that you use to poison our bodies with lab deceases; but; You know What?; You will never ever be able to control my spirit,my heart,my mind or my soul.Petroleum,gold,silver and everything that you are using to corrupt this Beautiful World of Ours,would not serve You,against the power of "We The People"

  3. Gary Quinn says:

    Great ideas the so called illuminati have for us, one world, one law, one religion, one united world army, without borders or boundary. united as one together so we can advance in science and technology without anymore war, poverty, dieing eco system, space development and travel, to do this we must destroy any opacity for the enemy's and there propaganda. these militias are more deadly and only threaten any future witch for them would be anarchist in nature. the strategy is simple but effective for now, witch is done through advertising ideas on the Internet labeling world governments as being aliens devil worshipers and having hidden agendas. furthermore they talk of governments being in cults when they themselves are cult like in nature and a culture that feeds off paranoia and fear and only showing the bad governments are doing in the world while using the very technical developments government create on a daily basis phones, computers, tablets, tv's. they talk of greedy company's but still by there products to produce propaganda with. so many people need to awake to the real threat a lawless world without any capacity to demonstrate compassion for others everyman for themselves. the crime rate would biblical and poverty would be worse socail developments, technology developments, medical developments would collapse, leading to small armed groups fighting other groups for scraps of nothing so man can say shit what have we done to ourselves. cause that's what these people want for your futures. the new world order is a growth in our evolution and socail development towards the age of space travel and of our galaxy and beyond in a much more deeper level of understanding these are real goals and are reachable in the future so embrace it and stop listening to the anarchists fear propaganda. ?

  4. Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. PATTY PERRY says:

    ok,what really scared the crap out of me,was when bush senior says,if we are successfull (AND WE WILL BE) a new world order,he must have said that sentance at least 6 times,omg what the hell is going on? we need to stop this shit,how can we try at least to stop this devil?

  6. oh $hit to late they got us

  7. Big government created this mess.

  8. Here is another thing that increases infertility that NO ONE wants to admit or stop doing. Indiscriminate fornicating. 
    It causes the spread of STDs that render women infertile and cause cervical cancers. 
    But, as long as a person is having fun while destroying their body, what the heck.

  9. duracell394 says:

    This is too hard for me to follow I wish you would dumb it down.

  10. Ismael Lopez says:

    Being 17 still in school my history teacher always showed us how the government/ people in power have always controlled the people through hysteria and basically lies. After watching this video I was a little scared that The NWO might happen soon. I just hope that there is some sort of team of people fighting back the NWO. Kind of like a resistance. I'm just so confused with this tho. I'll spread the word if it helps but if this is true and is really going to happen everything I'm doing right now is pointless.

  11. average john says:

    the chart is misleading, vast majority of that wealth is fake paper reality. what you want to distribute will not exist once the power is removed. what will really happen is everyone will take a bite of the schiet sndwitch, many rich will go broke, middle class will be poor and the .01% take a huge hit but what is left is still enough to do their deeds. understand the WEALTH this man speaks of only exists BECAUSE of the current system, change the system to spread the wealth, the wealth is worth MUCH MUCH less!  inflation makes the outcome a fantasy that you can live better by taking phoney money from the rich!  

  12. average john says:

    don't think money think goods and services. if you can provide a quality good or service you will be rich, What the "power elite" have done use government is to make it very VERY difficult to go into business for yourself. ANYONE could start a business 50 years ago! the green stuff you want is just a social lubricant, ITS NOT MONEY! currency has one function and one function only EXCHANGE!  so you only have two choices, A- you work to give green away or B- you work to have green given to you. perfect example is the black market. true business without the gov middle man. If you want to destroy the POWER. use and encourage as much black market activity as possible. simply stop giving the banks the power and do it old school.

  13. It's not the Freemasons, it's not the illuminati, it's not any "new world order". It's old. It's the bilderberg group and the monetary system.

  14. Max Mueller says:

    You are talking about the "illuminati" and "the new world order". Unfortunately, you will never be able to convince average people to change their view about America if you confront them with this construct. Why? – Although I believe that the illuminati exists, I don't see them as a basis to argue on. Their structures are very intransparent and they contribute very little to interpreting everydays politics. Secondly, all their rituals and satanism are crazy – of course. So are the people applying them. But you guys giving so much shit about their rituals and being so sensitive to this level of information will make people immediately assume, that you are mentally not stable and believe to much in "conspiracy theories". Though I believe in the existence of the illuminati and you are right to do so as well, I can completely understand their thoughts. From all the information out there, you pick the one least suitable to convince the average majority and the least suitable to be applied to everyday politics. Which politician is going to listen to illuminati-critic arguments? Which politician is going to argue on the basis of illuminati critics? No one is going to do that, because they know how people would react to argumentation on such a level. Basically, you are saying that illuminati is evil, trying to conquer the world to achieve a new world order. There are evil plans linked so satanism. But how can you explain the American system on a different level? How can you explain the propaganda? – America is a country seeking to control the world as a world power. They lead a "Realpolitik", which believes it to be essential for a country to acquire the majority of power in the constant struggle for it. But the american people are at hearts libertarians, which believe in freedom and civil rights. Therefore, we do have two different logics within the american society. 1. The liberal american majority and 2. the power seeking american government. Due to the fact, that there are two different logics which contradict each other, the american government acts upon realists' believes, but needs to justify their actions through the broadcast of liberals' thoughts. That is where propaganda comes into play. It is merely a tool to find support among the people. Most american geopoliticians believe that american realism is linked to the insight, that there will always be a power struggle, which you will eventually lose, if you don't claim most of it for yourself. I believe that the US exaggerates their strive for power, because too many greedy capitalists have found their way into the system. America is not a democracy anymore and is constantly serving the interests of their oligarchs. Their greed however is the reason for their downfall. Many empires have already attempted to acquire the world but always failed because they overextended. I know enough about geopolitics and finances to tell you that the U.S. will never achieve the "New world order". Their supremacy is already crumbling, so no worries. However, I believe that their loss in power will also result in a loss of civil rights for you americans (I am German). So don't stop fighting for your rights, but drop the illuminati sh*t. It won't serve well to convince the majority of people and come up with a better solution. Start educating yourselves in the field of politics, economics, geopolitics and social sciences. You will convince people with founded knowledge on these topics. AND you will be able to come up with realistic solutions for the future. That's all I wanted to say.

  15. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It looks like we are observing the 'absolute power' condition where the individuals sensibility has been destroyed (a bit like the condition of alcoholism). Has humanity with all its innovative brilliance ever invented a perpetual self improving system like that of Nature? the answer is a resounding NO!
    So take heart in the sure knowledge that this too shall pass and the evil ones will have toiled to no avail.
    Stay cool, be careful and know that your friends love you.  

  16. OurLastHope says:

    People need to stop thinking that illuminati revolves only around the celebrities. The celebrities are only puppets 

  17. Celebs are nothing but slaves! Hell man I'm more freer than the President of America! I have no offical Protection or Gun toting guards keeping me safe from? That's right I can go where ever I want when I want! The president of America can not go down to the local 7'eleven to grab a Newspaper. Secret service would have to shut down the precinct. Celebs are slaves WTF think about it they may get $$$$ but if you were doing promotions you would want $$$ as well! I don't envy a celeb with there Bling Bling! Bling ain't a symbol of success! The president does not run America The CIA do!

  18. Will Hart says:

    Of course they are real, the head of General Motors wrote a book about the NWO after WWII, which is a docmented fact. Also, it is very easy to dig up facts about Skull and Bones, that's an Ivy League elitis group that Bush was part of and so were many other American leaders, this is on a baby dump level…The US has been completely taken over by the eltist oligarchy…but you not going to wake up because they filled your head with lies and it takes too long work through them…

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