Illuminati and the New World Order – Conspiracy or Reality ? [ 2014 Documentary complete ]


An extraordinary documentary on the issue never ends : L ‘ Illuminati really exist? Surf privately , hide from NSA , evade hackers , access blocked …


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  1. Jim Baily says:

    I love walking past the homeless and then going home and burning some money thinking FUCK EM lol

  2. Jess Reyes says:

    Omg i was the 666th like!!! Agh!!! 

  3. Should check out a video I made concerning the illuminati and the NSA, very disturbing find.

  4. Why Tell says:

    What do we want NWO, when do we want it NOW.

    Can't wait for the economical collapse, if it ever happens i would be the first out my door murdering everyone in sight.

  5. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen ???

  6. Jakexx01 says:

    The premise that wealth needs to be distributed is part of the problem. Being able to keep what you work for and earn is preferred by those of us who want to be self sufficient and provide for ourselves for as long as we can. When we can no longer work we still contribute by volunteering, etc. The key is you contribute to society for as long as you can. Being an able bodied leech is not an option for people of character. Adults DO NOT want to simply rollover and be the government's subservient bitches. No one OWES anyone, (you or I) anything. Nothing's free in this world. Grow up and accept the facts. If you find yourself lost in the desert, you'll die if you can't or won't provide for yourself. Screw those who think otherwise. They live in a make believe, fantasy world where the government takes care of them like government is their rich, old white Daddy. Sure, they may enjoy being socially domesticated by Progressive politicians for a while, but once other people's money runs out, they are hopelessly stuck in abject poverty. It's right where Progressive politicians on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE WANT THEM. It easier for those in power to then control every facet of their lives. Choose to be a slave out of 'convenience or laziness? Never.

  7. Daniel Brown says:

    You know it's real because the opening title said "undisputable". That's a dead-giveaway.

  8. jtguns88 says:

    It was interesting until 21:36 and then they had to get all "dumber than crap" and say 9/11 was an inside job. Lost any credibility right then and there.

  9. maverick7376 says:

    Why should I trust a person who can't write the word ''its'' properly? That leads me to think instantly that he lacks some basic education.

  10. sara warren says:

    This is so stupid. Americans have the greatest standard of living/lifestyle in the world, and still conspiracy wack-jobs come up with these things.

  11. CaVe_DoVah says:

    As far as I know, Skull and Bones aren't Illuminati. Know the difference.

  12. USA are the real terrorist behind everything in the media and on everything happening in tis world. Illuminati = Usa , they created isis, they created the virus ebola, they destroy their own twins tower and you can list alot of things too…wich im not cause it's so long. they are the satanic people in the world. Illuminati = usa. All they do is try to do is to find an enemy, which is right now islam countries, the usa created the islamic terrorist organisation, creating a fake muslim flag, to show on the media, commits bad act and blame it on muslims, Illuminati is againts muslims another fact thats their goal. But nothing is more powerful than god! Play with fire and you will burn!

  13. Georgio Eid says:

    I watched this entire video and that's barely 1% of what's going on. This video did not talk about what's going on in the music industry, about mind control, television, hollywood and how the elite even interferes in the church. The video didn't talk about the secret societies : the freemasons, illuminati, skull and bones, rotary, black brotherhood… I can tell you this 1% of what you have to know but it delivers the same message : people really need to wake up, and realise what's going on in our world! Maybe that is too much to believe, but this is real.

  14. David Hutton says:

    originally i thought the goverment was the controller oc the money but then i keep watching and bam he completley said the same theory i have been saying for yearsnbut my theory was very wrong they dont have gold but then we get money out of no where but i live up in canada and yet i believe the illuminati are real and if u read this illuminati members i see wat and who u really are u a group of very smart idividuals who believe the bible is truth but how can u base facts on the bible and revelations on it for instance moses and the burning bush 1. hes in the desert its hot a tree is burning from heat and catches fire 2. moses himself hears gods voice but yet who knows back then moses couldve always heard voices since murdering the egyptian.but. if u can iquire to some of the illuminati revelations why kill millions if u believe u will save ppl think again u are just making matters worse plz listen look at what has happened through the years since time itself we humans will kill each and the reason for it because we believe it will justify the lord and say we are better than who we actually are but all and all we are human we bleed die and live all the same some richer some less rich and some poor but yet we live breathe and eat correct ? the illuminati wants us for everything they control everything no matter wat they are everything to us. thank you for reading oh and illuminati why the eye with the pyramid? answer me that plz. thank you illuminati if u answer me or respond say illuminati eye then i will know it is actually illuminati thank you

  15. This documentary is fucking hillarious

  16. nightrider says:

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  17. Grow your own food. Buy a bow. Run five miles a day and stay fit. Things are out of control. God help us.

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