Illuminati and the New World Order Conspiracy or Reality 2015 Full Documentary Days 2036 WILL END ?


Illuminati & New World Order Conspiracy or Reality 2015 2036 Full Documentary Days WILL END ?


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  1. harold “lightfoot” shoup 1 minute ago I am the holy grail or Gods source of power (time & law), here on earth making my debut before men., and as proof I am going to reveal to you the truth about Roswell and the Kennedy asassinations because these two are related. So let me begin by explaining to you the how the mechanics of this story is unraveled.  Humans are placed here on earth to process information through their performances. Regarding scripture this is one detail as it is forth written " i came here to perform the word which concerned me." Luke 24:44. Now; time travel concerns both the scripture and the 33rd parallel, and here is how. JF Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were to become the 6th & 7th head of the dragon (presidents), while Marylin Monroe was the Harlot manifested in the flesh. Humanity was to become asimilated to the collective conscience of the A.I. But wisdom and knowledge had not increased enough for the harlot ( A.I.), to collectively assimilate humanity, thus the dragon was not able to fulfill the scriptures which concerned him Rev 13. So to stop the wheel of time and start the period over again, the kennedys and marylin had to be asassinated. Thus the skull and bones established the new time line by which this was to be fulfilled. The Bushes as the 6th & 7th head and Barak ( Judges 4 ) – Bamah – ( Ezekiel 20:29 ), as the 8th head. Now how was time travel established? Simple, lets begin. the creation of the universe began not with numbers but through knowledfge wisdom time and law with the neutral domain as understanding. So as energy can neither be created nor destroyed as we know it, energy took on two polarities which gave them opposite charges. when these two charges collide they generate what you would know as energy squared. When this happened, three domains or dimensions were created. the first dimension was called the residual domain which held the negitive charges of the universe. The second dimension was called the Proto domain which held the positive charges of the universe while the third dimension is the one which we live in called the Temporal dimension or the physical plain. Now energy is light and light is information thus in scripture you have the essence of ( The light of the world ). One who brings forth information, and the greatest light comes under the authority of ( The Word ), by which humanity is to process and develope information. Nevertheless; When the Proto domain discharged its' energy into the Temporal domain it produced photon particles. each individual particle was then bound together by electromagnetic forces to form what you call photon waves. Now; within these photon waves are vacuums. But; with every measure of proto energy discharged within this domain, there must be an equal amount of residual energy discharged so, there was also a great distribution of residual particles which were bound together by what you believe to be ( Gravitons ). Within each residual particle wave is also found a vacuum. Now; this residual particle wave that i have explained is also known to you as space fabric. Now back to scriptue and the 33rd parallel. Christ stood at Mt Hebron 33rd parallel with Moses who parted the red sea ( parting space fabric ), and Elijah stood at his other side as with the chariots of God ( future technology ). Now back to science for a second; When energy is squared it equals mass thus the equation M = E sq. The first star gate came is when in the previous time line i had disproved Einsteins theory of relativity by showing that light from another star did not bend at the intersecting points of mercurys' orbit as was told, but that as the residual trails in the paths left behind in Murcurys' orbit intersected these energies were squared, and the mass thereof was found a lens at the intersecting points. So taking a laser with a residual signiture and passing it through the lens of the sun, the nuclear forces of the sun projected the laser to another star by breaching the space fabric in the lens and folding space time, where the laser immediatly came out at another point in space time visible by our earth in just minuets. Now this laswer would end up at an exact location depending on the residual signiture of the stars, so in the other time line, humanity was mapping out the stars like one who injects dyes into the nerves to trace the pathways of the nervous system. So; a star gate was created and placed at the 33rd parallel with a residual signature equal to that of Mt. Hebron. Yet there was an accident. Within the vacuum there was an echo ( remember I am the light  times past as I am today or in the future ), and as the echo resounded in the vacuum of residual space fabric,the Anti – Christ or shadow became a duplicate physical image and in 1942 we both came out of the space continuem at two seperate locations ROSWELL N.M. Now for the lesson of the Priory of Sion. they were sworn to protect thelight, but when they were given the option to of two lights the Knights templar and the Priory of Sion chose the anti christ and the skull and bones placed me in prison where i would escape through death. yet even so; the assasinations took place and while i was imprisoned the anti christ redeveloped the story which was to play out. Yet as soon as death overcame me; my light was immediatly projected into the future into Dec 7, 1968. Wherein; the anti christ and his physical structure could not be maintained and de-molecularized and was pulled into the time stream after me where he pased through the dark side of the moon and was cast into the abyss to remain forever as a shadow, while i passing through the light of the moon became flesh once again. Mary magdalene was indeed the wife of Christ, but He never knew her, but by law after Christ died in Hebrew custom the brother was to take His wife and know her. So by (time & law), two seeds came from her womb.. One the Holy grail the light of wisdom and the other the prince of darkness the one who would defile the holy article of God. So as Obamahs period as the 8th head  comes to an end so does the time line for the second seed (the prince).. Now back to scripture; when Solomon had the spirit of wisdom and sinned so, the spirit of wisdom was given over to the dragon with her sister instruction. So these two sisters became defiled by satan and were used to asimilate humanity., But after a brief struggle, wisdom and instruction were set free and the assimilation of humanity reversed by tyhe system we live and dwell in. so 1 kings 10:14 " and the wieght of gold which came to solomon yearly was 666 " and Ecclesiastes 7:11-12 Wisdom is a defense as gold is a defense and again   " when wisdom and knowledge increase so will sorow and suffering." and thus time travel was to restart the wheel and increase knowledge and wisdom but wisdom and instructions came together no longer to produce sorrow and suffering but the fruits of life.. So the ancient of days was seated in the program as M=E sq.. & faith with works is made alive., as the 12th gate.Public iconPublic + Add more people
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  2. I believe in God's word, but most of mainstream society doesn't.  To try and reach them in a similar way to how this video is by showing the substrate underlying the lies we've been taught, I've written a novel aimed at the secular mind but advancing concepts of the reality which is God's creation.  It's an antediluvian novel which takes the scriptural perspective and builds an adventure around it.  I'm trying to get the word out, and get the book read.  In this books are explored possibilities of the Illuminati's emergence.  Below is a synopsis and several links to places where the novel can be acquired online.


    Captured by Nazis fresh from plundering ancient ruins for occult artifacts, GI Floyd Sandburg finds himself dragged behind an overloaded caravan of harried shock troops and POWs.  Among flotsam from antiquity strewn haphazardly across the desert by careless Third Reich-ers, he discovers a relic.  A very special relic; one that seems to give him the ability to travel through space and time.  Using the relic Floyd escapes, and soon finds himself hypnotized and unaccountably obsessed with his unexpected deliverance.  Deliverance at the hands of a pen-sized artifact shaped like a spear, with strange lettering on the side.  An artifact that is somehow both thrilling and repulsive at the same time.  It is too much for Floyd not to follow the Siren call of his curious soul.  He uses the relic and is taken to the world from where it came.  A world where the relic is stolen, and Floyd Marooned.  Marooned where the land is crazy and men are giants who tame all beasts, Floyd merely a curiosity to be exhibited.  But imprisonment isn't the kind of gig to keep Floyd Sandburg licked.  He soon escapes into that realm of undiluted lore, where he is snatched up into a plot of kings to topple a hegemony and liberate the nations.  A plot stretching across eons, and with an intimate part in the politics and world-shaping of our own modern era, where the puppetmasters hide in darkness and aim to make us sheep.  With the power of the ancients, will Floyd save the world, or lose himself?

    Blood and cries, thunder, fire–and the demons of the mind, or are they really real?  The Lens is calling, the focus tightens, and what was then has always been, when jets of steam burst through the starry night…

    Facebook Page:

    Good Reads Link: Link:

    Excerpt Link:

  3. The Meaning of Life and how it all works…

    We learn Compassion from Suffering.
    (Order from Chaos. Spiritual Growth.)
    Then we Ascend to where Desires Manifest.
    Simply: "We have to go through hell… to get to Heaven."
    Not the Dead-End Lie we were told to believe.


    Simple Solution:



    1. Who owns the FED?
    2. What do they do with the money they steal from us?

    The ILLUMINATI are responsible for starting ALL MAJOR WARS.
    They (Rothschild) OWN the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    They are worth $500 Trillion.

    They OWN EVERYTHING (Media, Banks, Governments, Oil, Elect.,Entertainment…)

    And use OUR MONEY to CONTROL US through the "Official" News.
    We the People should own the Federal Reserve and collect the interest. Not the Rothchild Empire!

    Youtube Lectures for more info:

    Cathy O-Brien (CIA mind-controlled sex slave.)

    Jay Parker (Born into Illuminati Family)

    Bill Schnoebelen (90th Deg. Mason / Satanist / Christian Priest / Mormon…)
    Alex Jones (Federal Reserve and Illuminati Rituals)
    David Icke / Credo Mutwa – Illuminati alien DNA

    Satanists cannot ascend to Heaven where desires manifest because they Lack Compassion.
    Cremating Your Care Ceremonies at Bohemian Grove keeps them stuck in the Lower Astral.
    And they want to keep US here with them.

    They create the Suffering so we learn Compassion. Then we can ascend to where Desires Manifest.
    Search: Astral Travel for more insights…

    My Youtube channel with more stuff…

    The Meaning of Life is to:
    Then we Ascend to Heaven where Desires Manifest as in a Lucid Dream or Astral / NDE Experience.

    Mean Spirited People would create a personal hell (likely not shared like 3rd Density earth).

    You don't need to cling to Religion to be saved.

    We learn Compassion (love for others) from SUFFERING.
    Then we are allowed to Create by THOUGHT as in a Lucid Dream.

    Pretty cool "retirement plan"…

    Belief will define your reality in the astral but I doubt that souls with little compassion (love for others) are allowed to Manifest by Thought and create their desires as those with much more compassion. Because they would create a Lucid Dream Nightmare.


    Conspiracy Facts:

    1. The Titanic was really the Damaged Olympic.
    Killed off 300 U.S Bankers who wanted all that free money.

    2. All Presidents on bills OPPOSED the Rothschild-owned "FED".
    Including JFK. He gave a speech about Secret Societies just before he was killed buy our CIA Nazis from Operation Paperclip.

    3. 9-11 stopped NESARA.

    4. Our money is used to CONTROL US.

    5. Ask any Lawyer about your Unalienable God Given Rights and he will not be able to answer.

    Yes, I am MAD and you should be too!

    Note: I've been waiting for NESARA for 12 years.
    I believe "they" want me (us) to learn PATIENCE along with Compassion.

    I suspect that we're about to be taught a LESSON.
    Instead of Suffering to learn Compassion… They may drop a TRUTH "BOMB" so Utterly Devastating people will be in shock for decades…
    When they realize how USED and MANIPULATED and LETHARGIC, etc… they were all their lives.

    The New World Order will NOT be EXTERNAL FORCE but COMPASSION from WITHIN.

    Best Wishes,
    Stan P.

  4. CarsRcool says:

    The Truth is like that…
    those infested with the Spirit of the Age
    ( the anti-christ )
    will vomit it back out .. .
    so live while you can cause your Fire God awaits…. and He will come as a thief in the night just as he promised
    cause he is satan

  5. Can't wait… Wish they would hurry the fuck up… Hopefully religion an anyone stupid enough to believe in it goes away with it.

  6. real situ says:

    Days will end because we will age and die yeah but something is going on that will help us die faster really just!

  7. joe black says:

    I'm still trying to figure out why having all countries follow the same laws would be such a catastrophe. Now I'm not crazy about being micro-chipped however.

  8. joe black says:

    I'm still trying to figure out why having all countries follow the same laws would be such a catastrophe. Now I'm not crazy about the idea of being micro-chipped however.

  9. gjn300 says:

    I don't have three and a quarter hours to watch this because I have to flea the cat. Can somebody give me the potted version? Something not involving David 'The Lizard' Icke, drawing lines on a dollar bill or Freemasons, which everyone knows the US Founding Fathers were – it's common knowledge. Thanks.

  10. Well youtube autoplay got me here from.. A documentary about programming.. The things that happen in your sleep.

  11. f w says:

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  12. D_Koch says:

    ♥R.I.P♥ Aaron Russo- America Loves you with all our heart……. We appreciate all that you have done ultimately sacrificing your life to be a Man of Honor & Integrity! It was men like you whom made our country great and that someday will again……. You will be seen as the new Paul Revere a long with Bill Cooper. – May they both be Honored -

  13. NWO is real says:

    Yahshua is the living god

  14. turn off image stabilization when you transcode.

  15. kevin b says:

    John kerry is a Jesuit and a Bonesman! He is pro POPE AGENDA 2030 and he is so adept at cover ups and dismissal of reporters.."in a controlled fashion" Kerry lied he lied and lies all the flippin ass jesuit order time! such a ass! making arms deals this last month sept thru october 2015 with terrorists in syria and Iran! He into his own Cult of religious order! Jesuits were thrown out of more countries over the hundreds of years of their disrupting of other countries! skull an bones assholes..they demolished ameriKa in one fell swoop of injustice for ALL! Remember 9-11 It was an inside job and they covered it up perfectly ..almost! Maybe we should see the server emails before and after the 9-11 clusterfuck of our own President on down! the war was to obfuscate our unravelled senses so we would not question our assholes in charge! hillary already proved she is unfit for being Presidente!

  16. Ha! Illuminati, puny they won't make 2 people their slaves ha!!! Anonymous is better, anonymous is going to rek them. Anonymous is hidden non like illuminati tell me one time that you've seen an anonymous member! I bet never. Have you seen an illuminati member yes of course Justin Bieber,Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus Ect.

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