Illuminati birth of the Anti-Christ 2016 (R$E)


Exposed! How Illuminati are CALLING on Lucifer in 2016. You will not believe how obvious it is! A week of escalating chaos in US and Europe, ending on the …


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  1. The side of the truck reads: "Brasserie du monde" meaning "brewery of the world" which basically means something ominous is brewing/is about to come into the world. On the top left corner of the truck it reads "bienvenue au vie" meaning "welcome to life" which is welcoming the antichrist to the physical realm. And of course you have the blue, red and white colors on it also, the tricolor of the French flag and one of the favored color patterns of the illuminati. The truck was pre-programming for the event that happened in Nice. "Brasserie du monde" could also be pre-programming to let you know that the event would happen during a festive day when there's lots of drinking. I have a feeling France will play a major role (and already is) in ushering in the antichrist.

  2. All you do is discriminate against other religions, 'false christ' my ass, religion is freedom to believe in whatever you want so let others be, and concentrate on yourself.

  3. John Smith says:

    Hello and Greatings from Munich,did they show as again what they are going to do? Look in this szene{from the movie
    Surrogates}"the good cop" chases after the "bad cop" and he kills a lot of surrogates while they are walking on the sidewalk! Looks like what happend in Nizza/Nice,doesn't it?

  4. mega jay says:

    Zeitgeist was based on a book that was proven false a long time ago
    However religious historians have found that Jesus was viewed differently through the ages.
    Christianity was started by Roman Jews and their art was a reflection of the Roman/Greek gods
    First Jesus was a young boy with a flute similar to Apollo then later he appeared as a bearded strong older man similar to Jupiter/Zeus in iconography
    It was only hundreds of years later he appeared crucified suffering as he appears today.
    Very little in the Bible is historically accurate but it is through art through the ages and the behaviour of the religious we see how culture and politics shaped the religion and peoples belief.
    This video is another interpretation whose bases is in mythology changed over time not reality

  5. God these people who spend so much money to make an ad really are real life freaks.

  6. H. Wiegman says:

    Hm, I don't think this short movie is about the anti christ. This is just a short movie made by a student from the movie academy.
    It's funny that your explanations fits within the movie but nevertheless I don't think this is about the anti christ.
    I even like the way they made this short movie, if I was the teacher I would give an A.

    God bless

  7. Good point Brother, but the only point that will bring false Christ it will be a false day to observe. they will together with US Supreme Court pass the Sunday Law, making every tribe every kingdom, nation to worship and receive the mark of the beast. Satan will personifies Jesus coming making miracles and convincing all nation worshipping and receiving the Sunday law imposing by Governments through Catholic Church. The Vatican is behind Islamic denomination. Their idea is planting terror on people to preach their plans Word in peace. They will show the solution, imposing the law claiming the world's chaos, because people and nation is not respecting any more God's moral law. But the point is, God's commands was changed according to the book of Daniel 7:25. This little horn which is The Roman Papacy changed Saturday to Sunday the day of worshipping breaking God's Law. making many to worship in wrong day.

  8. Troy H says:

    Excellent breakdown and explanation – thank you

  9. What the actual fuck have you been smoking. Pages of the bible or something else that smells of old ladies?

  10. Scare tactics are only orchestrated by the very top of the money chain. It doesn't matter who puts it out here, the source is still the same.

  11. lotte Pink says:

    God have mercy and protect us. God bless to all

  12. the glass wound is a reference to the blood covenant.

  13. We truly live in the last days. It seems each man will face what is to come alone.

  14. All the bodies were dummies by the way..

  15. Suhieb95 says:

    what about Muslims who are dying everyday in Syria and in the middle east that nobody know about? Where is the humanity???!!!!!

  16. Just another hoax. More coming….

  17. Amanda Carma says:

    Calm down. We really don't know for sure if these are the sign of Luciferian take overs. There is still a chance that events from around the world are just coincidence or propaganda. Cults like Satanists or the Illuminati are too weak to take over the world. And they always fail on their agendas.

  18. SMD 014 says:

    It is very obvious that all of this escalated chaos has been planned, and it is no coincidence they planned this Pope planned event is right on the heels of all this chaos happening. Certainly a part of the agenda to get real Christians and non- Christians on the same page with Pope so he can sway them into his NWO agenda.

  19. gina gina says:

    Drugs are powerful.?

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