Illuminati Card Game 1000 Temples to Baal! Child Blood Sacrifices and Freemason Roots


Is a gateway about to be opened? Do the Illuminati Cards point out that 1000 pairs of pillars, a dark and light pillar in each pair, will be constructed around the …


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  1. Outrjs says:

    Your prayers will slow them down.
    Jesus defeated Satan almost 2000 years ago.

  2. Mike Temple says:

    the vatican has been satanic from the start, there is nothing Christian about the roman catholic church!

  3. Truth says:

    put your faith in Jesus (we know how this ends) and keep your kids close on 4/19 (and everyday)

  4. how much power do they need greedy bastards they all ready control the world, everyone dies dont they know that

  5. Osiris is god king tut jesus was black moses was 2 people do not examine and think outside the box ediots the shriners hospital saving lives with probably ancient healings you not paying attention step out the matrix feel this power and control it

  6. bible is a symbol everything is copied from Egypt Christians are sun worshipers islam moon callin isis and saying all that bad stuff about them we was in sin doing that i didn't even know

  7. temple of baal in new York now 1776 ft same as illuminati they took 3 buildings down the father mother n son not including the pentagon same set up as giza pyramids are today lol now they built one new one for the antichrist the beAST

  8. Ervana, are you Catholic?

  9. April 19 is the date that the new trading organization opens for the ASEAN. This will completely circumvent the use of the USD as the unit of exchange.

  10. john edwards says:

    The Vatican has always been luciferian if anything their thousand years is coming to an end.

  11. Hawaii Fiveo says:

    The truth is taught to you when your at peace as it is wrten across your heart

  12. Jim Hampton says:

    The Temple of Baal needed to be torn down. The cult of Baal would have sex orgies while they burned their children to death.

  13. Correction: the Bible does not specify the structure of Solomon's temple, but it is describes after Solomon builds it. In the book of Exodus Moses is given detailed instructions for constructing the tabernacle of the congregation which was a mobile temple that the Israelites used in the 40 years of their wilderness wanderings, but the details of the permanent temple built by solomon are not given in scripture directly from God to Solomon. All we know is that God gave the plans to king David and told him to have Solomon build it, and Solomon named the pillars Boaz and Jachin. See 1 Chronicles 28 (KJV).

  14. totagteam says:

    Nobody seems to be mentioning that these arches are already all over the planet. BTW has anyone seen the car commercial that features two different arches?

  15. the arch is not going up in NY. the project has been indefinitely put on hold.

  16. There IS a Kabbal that fundementally uppose Jesus Christ officially. I would tell you who they are, but you guys have fallen for their LIES and believe in this 'chosen people' nonsense. These people are directly under your nose and spiritually lead the Masons – make no mistake of this. Don't get distracted from those who killed Christ and is their whole claim to fame. And no, Jesus was NOT Jewish. That is an 18th century LIE. The ONLY Jew in the NT is Judas who sold Jesus for some sheckles. Don't believe me? Go look it up and see BOTH sides of the issue on this. And no. Paul was a Benjamite was NOT a Rabbi, and was NOT in the Sanhedrin. You will NEVER be able to spot Satan in this world unless you know who his children are (John 8:44).

  17. SpawnOfKorn says:

    How about you do something about it instead of making videos asking others to do it for you!

  18. Zeek M says:

    The vatican , the masonic freemason illuminati , ISIS , the israelis , the americans , the germans , are one in the same.

    All the kingdoms of the earth are working together for control of children.

  19. Zeek M says:

    The narrator of the video has one glaring problem , she's a jesuit spewing the same fake god and fake jesus as the christian pigs.

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