Illuminati cards , falling at midnight , Tomorrowland complete Best Documentary 2015


September 23/24 , 2015 Delay , Illuminati cards , falling at midnight and Tomorrowland In this video , I look closer to the delay of the Bridegroom who …


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  1. neweyes777 says:

    My problem with CERN being the Key to the Bottomless Pit, is that Man is doing this possible Dimension Opening! Per Prophecy Christ is suppose to hand that Key over to the Angel that is to open the Pit. The only reason this trying to open a Door would even be possible is by a Demon giving them Forbidden Knowledge, but even if this is fact God is in charge, and NOTHING done can be done without Him, and He blocks Silly Men, and laughs at them. Saying, " Thinking themselves wise they have become fools."  Repent ye who think you can become a god.  God bless.

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