Illuminati Clones – Clones From The Past?


A massive amount of modern-day celebrities bear an incredible resemblance to persons from the distant past.
Time Travellers?
I believe cloning is the most very likely rationalization.

Human Cloning Uncovered:

Clones From The Previous:

Illuminati Uncovered:

Illuminati Clones:

New music:
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  1. There are like 7 billion people in the world right now and there are at least 5 that look almost identical to you.

  2. Reawer says:

    its very discouraging how there's no info at all.
    Their names, nothing, this is very low effort

  3. Oscar Harvey says:

    man the music is disturbing

  4. lilhitta boy says:

    I think that's not clones they might edit the picture or had drew it , or it might be there mother, dad ,granpa ,grandma u would never now if it a clone or not do not believe it

  5. something is going on because these celebrities have twins

  6. Erica Daniel says:

    This is amazing. These people look exactly alike. Wow

  7. Did anyone else notice The All See Eye behind Nicholas Cage?

  8. get real who are the names of these people of of the past ????????? BULL SHIT !!

  9. Kathi says:

    Oh hell no, Jimmy Fallon? Now everything makes sense ?

  10. you can add matt smith/vannevar bush to that list as well…

  11. They're the same people.

  12. I smoked 2 blunts about an hr ago maybe less. Anyway, how TF did I end up here?

  13. labelling them by their 'real ' name would help

  14. Suits N Ties says:

    We all have a twin we haven't met!

  15. Proof of clones? No.  Examples that some people look alike? Yes.  No different than a picture of a 75 yo grandmother next to her 7 year old granddaughter.

  16. Amber Null says:

    I never been more afraid then I am now.. wow

  17. Some of these may be clones but it is possible that they are descendents of the people I n the older photos . Sometimes children can favor their Great great grandmother or grand father .

  18. i must say i fucking abhorre these clones from the past or evidence of time travel videos cause they are just shit. but this is the best one ever! this is the best list and in my opinion the real list. others are juts wacky comparisons when a celebrity has a beard or something like a side profile. BUT this is the real deal.

  19. the Lucifer's cloning technology/do your research then the truth will be revealed to you/before Hitler discover the technology of clone's, where you think the first clone's come from¿?

  20. 1:56 the Illuminati eye u see

  21. Re-incarnation is real

  22. 000nikkers says:

    These are reincarnations not clones. You always look the same in lives because of your energetic signature.

  23. Imani Price says:

    this. music really fucking creeps me out but I see the similarities

  24. anyone here from couples react?

  25. Those were great, but you forgot Justin Timberlake, JayZ and Sylvester Salone. I'm sure there are even more. Over all your video was great!

  26. Ass Eater says:

    The Michelle Obama one had me dead lmaooooo, i couldn't stop laughing

  27. Reincarnation ppl jheez

  28. Where did you get those pictures? You people need to cite your work better and show clear evidence. Im sick of wasting time weeding through so much bs. I want evidence or just shut ur mouths!

  29. no lie…some of them are on point

  30. DeeDee Love says:

    thats just scary….so thats why we have doppelgangers?????????

  31. ive always wondered tht celebrities are picked for a reason… maybe this is it ?

  32. Isabella says:

    Well I believe in human cloning has been around for years, I mean animals can be cloned what would stop from taking the cloning further, the illuminati and the gov. Pretty much work together as I see it, they have technology so far ahead of us that we could never imagine, we all need to wake up and see that this is more than likely going to get worse, if you don't really believe me that's really fine, but if you look up human cloning and other related topics like the RFID microchip which is very advanced.

  33. Waldo Apex says:

    1:17 was that general MC carther

  34. Where do you guys got those pics ? Are they actors ?

  35. Lisa Hammond says:

    well I dont have a doppleganger sooo….

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