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  1. Those lower eyelids definitely looks like a wax figure…

  2. Thank you so much for confirming this because I swear the other day I was like wait she look so different on a video and another one on a commercial and I was like ummm ok whatever now this is so crazy I find this video Bc I felt something was odd with her interview today so now I totally see something I want to link to your video if ok? I never done this but start to see certain patterns and want to share. Wow crazy and I feel crazy to notice this lol but now I see there is a whole community out there who also see these things and talking about I feel a little better lol 🙂

  3. Sino Trey says:

    y'all smokin crack

  4. What's the point of cloning exactly??? Like why???

  5. She Go says:

    maybe she got her nose done,she went to jail and everyone that comes outta jail got the been up top body she's not a clone she's just getting her 60 mins to shine like everyone else.?? it's still remy y'all

  6. Remey just went off on Nikki a few days ago

  7. everyone on luv hip hop clones and trannies

  8. Le Cobra says:

    I find it a funny PSYOP that ALLLLLLLL the well known rapper's get arrested, serve prison sentences, then comeback like nothing. BRAINWASHED masses follow in these LIARS footsteps. The average citizen doesn't sell millions of records after they've acquired one. A bump in with the law usually ruins one's life, not inhance it.

  9. ninosimone x says:


  10. Remy ma is co host on that boring ass show the real

  11. I never did like Remy ma I don't like nothing about her

  12. Those who don't see it are afraid to leave the Matrix because they are comfortable living in a fake reality

  13. It's hard for some people to admit because they have been played! Admit you been played by these demonic things and keep it moving now being fully aware awake to the games they are playing.

  14. Mike Clayton says:

    it called plastic surgery! not clone hahaha

  15. if you don't have the eye to see through this you will not see stop calling people crazy or dumb that see it just because you don't…cognitive dissonance is really destroying some of yall. wake up!

  16. ???? y'all funny it just look like makeup to me and Contacts but a clone?

  17. Gary Jones says:

    I believe in the cloning but she wasn't a threat, to anyone. No threat to the high up entertainers like Beyonce, Niki, and Rhiana. She's not even in the high rank money market.

  18. Lashaun Holt says:

    so where is the real one at

  19. And don't forget BLAC CHYNA she is a clone to

  20. Cataya Washington aka Ms Cat
    from Bad girls club season 5
    she has been cloned to
    she did a few Philly broadway plays and she was also on a episode of empire last year

    EVELYN LOZADA from basketball wives SHE HAS BEEN CLONED MANY TIMES and so has TAMI ROMAN from basketball .

  22. Young N1no says:

    Her clone or makeup artist ???

  23. who the hell needs to clone Remy ma? lmao what a waste of money!

  24. tana carlson says:

    yep…clearly they that have eyes 2 see see this is a clone…yep everyone is lost……..real talk….

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