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  1. satan lover says:

    7:30 who is this woman? and why have so many cuts on the audio?

  2. Flow Thuggin says:

    they feed off fear.

  3. No such thing as lizard people or whatever those lizard eyes are supposed to be. Hollywood puppets do exist, but people like you take it too far.

  4. dan bur says:

    where can I sign up.My soul is for sale .My God has given me nothing but misery all my life…Satan please at least give me an interview.Seriously Neither is real so I will take the one who pays better.You have my number.Call me 24/7.Dave Chapelle is talking about the jew owned media and Hoiiywood.

  5. Maximus says:

    the one with nikki that pop singer is just crazy to use as proof, thats a video capture error of linking frames. very common, you can demonstrate it yourself


  7. xDAchim says:

    What the fuck has satanism to do with the nazis? xDDD

  8. Trigga Tee says:

    I do have to say this, and this only.. R.I.P "Michael Jackson" missed by so many, loved by so many… Im truly sorry they got your soul, to those who believe, then you are not dead. Forever in are soul's will you live MJ… Love you my brother… #TriggaTee

  9. wow guess im part of the illuminati. omg i am really getting a kick outta this video…

  10. for the record when dave chapelle says whats goin on in hollywood to make people do crazy shit, the part about mariah carey having a "breakdown" on TRL is complete bullshit, she went to rehab for alcohol.

  11. Karen Smith says:

    Why this income tax stuff? What does that have to do with the headline?

  12. Factoryyx says:

    Dave Chapelle knows

  13. interesting about roseanne considering she supports kathy obrien. Kathy, correct? the mkultra victim.

  14. Mike Hunt says:

    That pic with Justin bieber ruined it for me. Lol he is not in the illuminati

  15. B Robinson says:

    Bob Dylan's statement is telling and chilling…..most people refuse to believe what he said is about Satan, but it is. He is the god of this world and all those who attain success in it get it from him.

  16. What is the documentary talking about taxes? I'm interested in watching it entirely.

  17. Keegan Kirk says:

    it always happens in three's. boogy boogy boo! happy halloween dip shits. nice video. you guys are all nuts!

  18. This proves that even the biggest celebrities in the world can't open the eyes of the general public.

  19. beth8308 says:

    People believe that there are humans being controlled by lizards. some people believe in aliens… but y'all can't believe in a powerful God. Can't believe in a group of evil satanic creeps slaving us all.

  20. Ryan Yovanno says:

    If 30 million people saw this we might actually fix our country and the world

  21. beth8308 says:

    If these people call on the name of Jesus and repent, they will be saved. Jesus grace is powerful.

  22. how can anyone worship the devil I cannot comprehend your way of thinking I pray that you change your mind and put all the belief that you have in the devil take it away and put it all in Jesus Christ but he is the one and only so don't let people lie to you or for you and the devil will do whatever it takes to get your soul because he doesn't want to burn in hell all by himself so don't give him the power don't give him the strength don't give him your soul you go to church you pray to God The One and Only God there's only one people only one Jesus Christ he died on the cross for our sins take yourself out of the evil crap that the devil gives you and put your faith and trust him to Jesus Christ and you shall be set free

  23. Celeberties need to find real help. Not just turning to the media for help

  24. Clash 101 says:

    the truth will set you free ,Jesus Christ is Lord,seek the truth with all your heart ,God Bless you all

  25. ZackXMontana says:

    this video just annoyed me lol

  26. people are still afraid of the boogeyman?

  27. man can I join the illuminati? I need that money.

    also…masonry has nothing to do with the illuminati. women can't be masons. the all seeing eye and pyramid is not the symbol for illuminati. it's an owl. illuminati was a club for smart people who needed to have a club to tell people they were smart.

  28. dudesonomg says:

    The ''sign of the horn'' was something Dio got from hit grandmother. It was a cultural way of saying shame on you. Just like the middle finger says fuck u… Do some research.

  29. Humz Shak says:

    It's been confirmed that Michale Jackson and Dave chappelle converted to Islam. Find the truth and make the change. Follow the message of the final prophet Muhammad before it's too late.

  30. Jeb Voorhees says:

    Dave hit it on the nail.. powerful statement.

  31. is the crowd booing when the girl singing?

  32. The answer to everything is Melanin. Once you study the science behind melanin, the occult, and yourself you will be brought out to power to take back what was ours from these hybrids white folks.

    we as black and brown people are the holders of all the amswers out there. these crackers dont know shit but how to steal our culture and turn it on us. we will one day be on top and these crackers are going to be shining my $2000 ostrich boots and washing my CLS 63 AMG while i blow dodi smoke in their face.

  33. Lkay Myt says:

    Any comments? Who's the real terrorists?

  34. I can't read the print

  35. Kojiro Hyuga says:

    Anton lavey is a fake satanist.refer joyofsatan,josministries to know the truth

  36. Coco Von says:

    dave chapelle is awesome

  37. NycBeauty says:

    I wonder if they suggested Michael claim the children as his own. Now we see all the artist are controlled puppets. SAD INDEED.

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