Illuminati conspiracies REVEALED


open up your eyes

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  1. This man opened my eyes to the real world.

  2. Sean Butler says:

    It should be mandatory that everybody has to watch this video at least once a month.

  3. GO READ The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion AND EXPLAIN WHY IT ALL KEEPS HAPPENING!!!

  4. spacetrojan says:

    cant get enough of this

  5. Inconel1891 says:

    It's the Jews. No joke.

  6. put the pieces together in yer mind

  7. Sean Butler says:

    This is quite possibly the greatest video of all time.

  8. He's a man o fucking tatse

  9. Bloom HD says:

    Goddamn shpayders

  10. I dont think its a silly question to ask

  11. Neil Davey says:

    the more I watch this, the funnier it gets

  12. oh my gooooooooooooooooooooooood

  13. everyday me and my friend talk about this and every body thinks we r nuts!!!!!!! all we say is "r the jews in cahoots" hahahahahah

  14. Adam Pettus says:

    I want off this ride.

  15. Yep this was the video I was looking for now all we need to do is post this video as an reply to every illuminati conspiracy blogger online.

  16. lpmaskman says:

    Play at 1.25 speed!

  17. Chris Low says:

    I feel enlightened

  18. Morphimus says:

    Has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Michael Cera?

  19. X-perto says:

    reminds me of poppy

  20. Fly Flicks says:

    Its called Comedy you planks!

  21. Nick Jacobs says:

    Lmfao this video just keeps getting better

  22. Esmii Juarez says:

    my eyes have been opened

  23. joel burns says:

    you are irish … IRA? 3 letters , triangle has three edges the iluminati, are the illumanti

  24. HEAVY_RIOT says:


  25. Shana Reilly says:

    well half of this is probably true

  26. k0ntrol says:

    viper did 9/11

  27. What if Patrick is a lizard…
    What if my parents are lizards…
    What if Gary is a lizard!

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