Illuminati – Conspiracy Documentary in the 60s



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  1. Eye opener , very good and clear video !

    THANKS !

  2. wakeup2nwo says:

    great upload.. more evidence to show the family in a desperate move to WAKE THEM UP… were running out of time!!!!!

  3. dove997 says:

    its a bullshitt!! no such a thing exist…
    just be responseble for yout actions and all will be all right

  4. makes sense….thanks

  5. sgrroiii says:

    Ehh…… good for them . Gotta spend your time doing something in life.

  6. Brian Parent says:

    Watch the "Hyperinflation" videos on YouTube from
    Watch Keith Olbermann on Habeas Corpus from MSNBC and
    see your Bill of Rights thrown out the window.
    Watch HBO's Hacking Democracy and look into
    continuous vote fraud. Watch "National Security Alert"
    Watch "Richard Gage's Presentation /
    Manatoba University Watch Fall of the Republic" Watch
    "911 Press for Truth" Watch U.S. Spy Bill. Watch
    "Population Reduction by Dr Rima. I'll be at "The
    Tea Party Truther" Facebook

  7. @disheartedheart yung joc

  8. mebe84 says:

    this is g. edward griffin. he is still around today talking about the federal reserve.

  9. where’s the rest of this documentary?

  10. piwacket33 says:

    Why would they support something that seems to be a path to their own destruction? Because it doesn't lead to their destruction.. just ours. THEY will be running our communist asses. Remember, communism works for the leaders… just not for the captive.

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