Illuminati – Council on Foreign Relations ~ Complete


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  1. Here is the secret key being revealed to you part 1 explanation the holy route and the thin line between light and darkness( meditation inner growth maturity is good turning negative thinking into positive thinking is good this is the narrow path of the chosen/elected/predestined/few saved in the light of jesus out of the comfort zone of that dying ordinary world its where power for living is and can be found the power for that was made possible from the spirit raising jesus from the dead its in a bright day full of better ways in a loving heart and mind extraordinary believing and living in white/light/holy those who grow and stay on the right path become righteous and turn from sin and live for the holy god and become very wise and humble meaning meek kind of the opposite of pride and a big ego)

    now part 2( gods word talks about how the wicked are like dogs back to vomit in book peter how the righteous will get back up after falling but the wicked love the fall and how they love the sin though the proverbs verse doesnt say that and how they are of calamity and destruction and like it in hebrews it talks about how they were enlightened and put jesus to shame nailing him to the cross again when falling and probably selling there souls to satan another thing gods word talks about demonic possession and opression this is the path of the wicked the ones who turn back to sin and fall to darkness madness insanity from gods light they are what the hidden outside of the parable in book matthew the parable of banquet means the ones that are not chosen at all only invited and called the verse says many are called and invite only a few are chosen and how god puts these people who he knows are evil into the darkness so them schizophrenics who hear and see evil saw the devil ravens ind reams or what not are these illuminati who were once enlightened why they claim to be enlightened and are only lovers of self and the world not of god)

    now this all matches to musical lyrics and many other things it takes metaphorical understanding to know what the words are that hold more than one meaning to understand there hidden messages and the deeper understanding of symbols this is also how you can interpret gods word and see outside of the parables to see the hidden stories within stories hidden messages within messages hidden words within words( the thin line between gods lights and the wicked boys and girls of darkness is real) book matthew few see the narrow road and walk it many are on the road to destruction leading them to hell

    and they are the wicked in gods word they are what they sing dorothy wicked ones thousand foot krunch where we begin and cypress hill insane to the mem brain song and many other songs using the word wicked or illuminati or satan or demons or madness darkness or insanity or skitzo

  2. Down with nato and the warsaw pact !

  3. what's this guy's name on this clip?

  4. NOBOX7 says:

    There prolong goal proves there under satanic power , why would a human devote his life to a plot that even his grandchildren will not taste the fruit of

  5. NOBOX7 says:

    you tube will soon be filtered

  6. boh7em says:

    Just shows there is a history of conspiracy theorists too.

  7. FDR was a damned liar and planned on an attack that would give the American people the "will" to go and fight anywhere in the world "in the name" of liberty and freedom.What a low down bunch of bastards who rob us blind and betray us with our own hard earned wages.

  8. We American people have been betrayed and sold out to the Nth degree by our own elected officials.Taxed to death.robbed , beaten down and dumbed down all according to plan.Now we are a nation of sheep without any real leadership and slowly but surely going over a huge cliff to destruction.

  9. What has been done to America is being done all over the world, and worse! I would recommend this program to everyone.

  10. wmfivethree says:

    Very thorough and mostly correct.

  11. Glad I found the truth…!!

  12. SeanMauer says:

    These are the kinds of things Trump should be talking about.

  13. Henry Cabot Lodge spoke out against World War.

  14. Gina Aziz says:

    Very, very informative.

  15. jonnay C says:

    lol this channels can suck a deck cuz it justs sucks

  16. Hey douchbag, Michele Obama is a man. Just some fucked whore who had his dick cute off so Obama could fool us all that a large bologna shoved up his rotten asshole every night is something he thought we wouldn't figure out. Michele used to be Mike.

  17. DarkMatters says:

    'MrPurpleTie – "Link to MP3 file no longer available for download"….. How's that….why's that then? Thanks for the upload

  18. Watch this video for the REAL TRUTH behind what's going on….

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