illuminati Easter Egg – Battlefield 4 Secret Camo


Battlefield 4 illuminati Easter Egg – There is a significant Easter Egg in the new Battlefield 4 Map Dragon Valley and it unlocks a little something really special. Examine out how to do it in this article. A significant many thanks to absolutely everyone in the local community and also HattiWatti, Hadoukenz and ShadowSix. Examine them out in this article: set/hadoukenzzz

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Battlelog Thread for the Hunt – board/threadview/2955064801500191633/one/

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39 Responses

  1. I feel like Jack is going to be a good CSI agent

  2. Kyson Hooper says:

    "Illumanati Easter egg "

  3. I got kicked while I was doing this Easter egg._.

  4. wolf man says:

    almost had all laterns lit though wifi crapped out on me so im screwed…well time to do it all over again and learn morse.

  5. There a quicked way get the FUCKING DLC

  6. marsvin55 says:

    It must be a pain to program this…..

  7. That Guy says:

    im pretty sure some website has all the codes and shit

  8. Sykokiller says:

    Soon they'll just put the camo in a pickup kit like the Phantom Bow.

  9. You need to be Premium to get this camo? or normal players can get it too?

  10. Eyyy shadowplay for the win

  11. Nochobo says:

    How the hell did people find that

  12. Dont give up guys. I did it and homestly i am so proud of myself

  13. Lol Lolilol says:

    what relation do this easter egg have with illuminati?

  14. beau eddy says:

    can you help me plz

  15. seu canal é uma bosta

  16. God how in the world do people find those tiny buttons

  17. wow im not even gonna bother ?

  18. jimmycher45 says:

    I want to know this. who the heck decided to blow up that tree and accidently find a button????

  19. Nimawei says:

    Yo guys, if you have an android phone, there's an app which will help you tremendously! Look for BF4 Lantern Solver. You can find it on the google play market. Not only it will solve the puzzle FOR you, but it also has a morse code reader which uses your cam to read the morse code and it will save the code for you.

  20. Dinobro 76 says:

    Wow neebs now has 3 Easter eggs in bf4

  21. I really hope theres a huge EE like this in BF1

  22. Jax Dagger says:

    So like… you want to log into my account and do it for me? lol xD dude you are seriously amazing, how just… how!?!?! mindblown

  23. SKeE_MiKe says:

    I tried doing this with 3 people but we all quit because its too damn freaking hard and i gave up on it

  24. Quasi84 says:

    Easter eggs are fun but this is just beyond stupid. The phantom easter egg was tricky enough, I almost gave up. But this one? I won't even try.

  25. DarksLight91 says:

    what app did you use to decode the last number ?

  26. Puma Punch says:

    Does this work on Xbox?

  27. Zach Dawson says:

    I lost my shit when I heard neebs singing the birdy legs song

  28. s1r_steve says:

    wheres the Illuminati Easter egg?

  29. Vlad A. Popa says:

    I got neebs to scream promoted after I've done all those things, but no camo..

  30. unicorn pug says:

    Is it possible to destroy a switch

  31. Yea fcuk that ain't doing it too much work for snow camo

  32. CosmicRupee says:

    Can someone help me unlock this camo i got no one to help me

  33. unicorn pug says:

    Does killing yourself to get closer to a switch mess it up?

  34. hey i didn't get the camo man 🙁 . I put the last secret code. And I heard the Promoted Voice of neebs. but it's still locked. anybody can help?

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  36. totally not worth it…….all that time for a new uniform… get a life

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