Illuminati Exposed – Donald Trump Admitting Everything is a lie


Illuminati Exposed – Donald Trump Admitting Everything is a lie.


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  1. If you can't admit that Obama's presidency has set race relations in America back 100 years then you're either being disingenuous, delusional, oblivious or worse. As long as white supremacy is in place, there can never be integration.

    MLK didn't fight for me. As much as I love him, he was naive and because he was religious, he had way too much faith in the wrong things. I do agree that we should do for ourselves but it will never happen in America. Remember black wall street?

    The Europeans had a 400 years head start over AA; yet expect AA to be equal in every way. AA are what white America created. By that I mean, they wiped our minds clean and fed us garbage even at the point of death. We had to believe the garbage or beaten to death. You tell a lie long enough and it becomes a truth. Whites were fed lies about AA too. Listening to you just brings that fact home. You talk about AA as if you know what you are talking about but you don't have a clue nor are you really interested. You just want us to shut up so you can live blissfully in your world of lies.

    Based on your rantings, I can see that you believe that white America is a utopia – no white on white crimes, illegitimacy, unmarried women, pedophilia, incest, drunkenness, beastiality, unruly children, high divorce rate, dis-functional families and oh the list goes on.. Oh no, you would just continue to obsess about blacks. Tell me, when was the last time a black child from any home, married or single, committed mass murder? You need to stop watching fox news, take off your blinders and look at your own community and let us worry about ours.

    Integration is a 2-way streett. AA know too well how evil America really is because we're forced to confront it every minute of every day. Most whites are totally oblivious and will never be able to understand. Even those who think they do, never will. We get it and we actually feel sorry for you. So please don't lecture me on the subject because AA are totally exhausted trying to integrate. It's never going to happen, not because we don't want it but because the higher power don't!

  2. They who want to control you make trump out to look like a bad person. They will deal with him soon if he keeps exposing the truth.

  3. Facts the  average citizen know. Why now? Don't thrust CNN and Fox.

  4. Bob Abooey says:

    send this guy through Dealy Plaza…immediately!!!

  5. George Power says:

    Wesley8173. You serious bro ? About calling immigrant rapist , criminals etc etc wtf ????

  6. Rani Rose says:

    Donald Trump KNOWS what is going on. He's a successful businessman, for goodness sake !! He didn't just "inherit" all his wealth like the HATETS want you to believe. Love you Mr. Trump!!! CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU ARE OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF !!! TRUMP 2016 !!!

  7. trump for 2016 president…. he will win it and kick all these Illuminati ass'

  8. Robert Bates says:

    Trump one on one is so effective. He needs to start avoiding debates and focus on this style of interviews where he does so well. He's basically right about everything that has happened in the Middle East since this interview.

  9. aaron bell says:

    Here's a fucking plot twist and a half. What if Donald Trump elected Bernie Sanders, as his Vp???

  10. Jazz Manners says:


  11. Dai Kornberg says:

    Billionaires and the top 1% have hoarded most of America's wealth for themselves. The last, very last, thing we need is a billionaire U.S. president…

  12. Atlas _ says:

    If people are so skeptical about this topic, there's so much documented information from primary sources such as past President's and other prominent figures who have given hints and words of caution to the secret society. These things have already been written.

  13. shad judeh says:

    Over 3 million innocent Iraqi citizens died and we're killed from sanctions and us bombing them since the Gulf War, plus an additional 2 million throughout. That's 5 million innocent Iraqis that perished for no reason. Somebody has blood on their hands. Hell is waiting for all those behind the Iraqi massacres. Innocent people have been suffering too long in Iraq , it's wrong.

  14. D Dingus says:

    I agree with sasser and Street husltr24…….I can't believe I am agreeing with Trump. and I did not hear zip about Illuminati

  15. Zack Mohs says:

    For as much shit as this guy gets you can't deny he's admirable

  16. Zack Mohs says:

    There IS a target on his head for sure.

  17. Trump Vs Sanders I HOPE

  18. jhoelB says:


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