“Illuminati Exposed” | Gray State The Rise By Murdered Director David Crowley – FULL MOVIE


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  1. Javier Nesta says:

    What is that sound byte in the background ? It's repetition is strange its bugging me lol can Any one elaborate?

  2. BOP 03 says:

    what is that whispering in the background

  3. Kat nip says:

    I have been watching this video for just a few minutes and already formed an opinion based on the fact that I know were it is going… worship of the business man! Big business executives control the government and now that Donald Trump is in office the big business establishment will own America and the people in it and you will be their slaves. the business man has always been a slave owner.

  4. Free market is slavery, and not state control. If the market is not controlled, then business people are allow to exploit the poorer ones. If the govt doesn't intervene, then anyone above you in the social scale can fire you at will, pay you less than minimum wage, over work you to death, the landlords can charge what they want, etc. Socialism is the answer

  5. Umer bhatti says:

    Thanks guys I love your work its time for the earth to weal up form this disgusting dream controlled by these satanist scum and to kill these basterds by rule of law

  6. Dino says:

    this is not the real gray state, alex jones directed and produced this version, all shills in this.

  7. chad carlson says:

    Beautiful, simple beautiful. Much love, I hope for a peaceful transition and that those who dream of what we could be live to see humans at our highest potential :.)

  8. Joe Indie says:

    The movie starts with Masonic black and white table? Can anyone verify that this is the true original material? Was the film finished before he died?

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  10. this isn't the film. what did you do with David's movie? this is obviously some bullshit knockoff. this looks like the 30 million dollar version of the movie. the 30 million david wouldn't take to give up control of his movie and let someone else direct it into this piece of shit. david was murdered for exposing the freemasonry connection to all of this. you guys are going to burn in the lake of fire for doing this to david's movie.

  11. whatever happened to that youtube video "when masons shoot kids"? why did that disappear from jewtube, and the entire internet, for that matter?

  12. TheBraveOne says:

    Watch this clip. The dude got a friend with a last name Mason and one with the first name Mason. I never heard of the name "Mason" as a first or last name until I saw that video, maybe it is an American name but still, why would you give your kid a name that is a profession? Do people call kids Carpenter as wel? Freemasons maybe?

  13. hangman1128 says:

    People are so stupid, blind and brainwashed.
    Sheep are smarter than those people praising Obama.

  14. do it.. do it.. do it.. over and over what a load of programimg horse shit, wake up.

  15. The original was confiscated after killing David and his family

  16. why dont you overlay the writing on the images in blue so we cant read them…. dumb Americans are so retarded these days…example 41-42 mins

  17. ivan Medina says:

    i am a conspiracy theorist but as soon as i seen that idiot alex jones i had to stop watching

  18. chewy says shame on a nigga that tried to run game on a nigga.

  19. Alex Jones is the opium of retards, keeping truthers asleep since 1991.

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