Illuminati Exposed Neon Demon 2017


In 2016-2017 we are watching the evil elites making thier mainstream debuts in every single possible genre, But fashion is thier favorite as it draws YOUNG INNOCENT GIRLS(SACRIFICE) and NEON DEMON is a great example.

“The Neon Demon” Reveals The True Face of the Occult Elite spirit cooking MARINA ABROMOVIC fashion show 2017 dead sea scrolls GOTTHARD TUNNEL CHIMERA 2017 AZAZEL NEON DEMON
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45 Responses

  1. Marie Jones says:

    Makes me literally sick ???

  2. RFB i dont know what it is but every time i watch your videos and get to one of those damn ads it freezes the video up, I have not been able to watch a full video from you for 2 months now and its getting quite annoying

  3. I've now watched 3 different countries versions of The Returned. I'd like to hear more about your interpretation of the show/book.

  4. Kimmers IMJ says:

    This is creepy as hell and clothes that no one would really wear. what is up with the giant gloves?? freaky beyond words.

  5. The 'evil board' is copied from the Umim and Thummim, which is the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel. This breastplate had 12 stones on the front and 2 diamonds on the shoulders. The High Priest would ask God a question and The Glory would shine on the breastplate onto the wall. Don't mess with counterfeits!

  6. just a question.has anyone seen any kind of entity ,of any sort ,when they really,really woke up?like shortly after? havent seen a comment on that.not a dream.anyone?whether it be an angel,ghost,demon,shadow whatever,did you see something?

  7. dj Carrera says:

    that film is absolutely terrible

  8. this is why the LORD GOD allowed the election to go that way, just look at the names of the two that won, "TRUMP PENCE" (get it ?) people, THE LORD GOD is sounding them, get ready JESUS is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hildy K. says:

    Definitely a show for the it who is coming. Sad for those who participate. Sad for those who just do not see. Thanks for the lesson, RFB.

  10. "… They are using this (Fashion Show) to persuade Humanity into following this Evil Ritual…    Marina Abramovic is the Modern Day High Priestess that teaches all the people in Hollywood the ways of the Fallen Angels."          / RichieFromBoston

  11. Martina Gail says:

    …research blood sacrifices. Poor guy. Christmas EVE???
    …pray for and FREE KEANU

  12. I do believe that the original architect of the Universe who is a creative power gave this to us; because we are it, everything is it. Through the power of influence, we create a form in our minds, agree on it as a whole and create it ourselves. Richie is correct- cut out the BS on TV, You Tube, Movies etc

  13. I believe that Bill Cooper was right on. We are led to believe in angels, demons, reptilians, etc" when it is just brilliant, corrupt men, who have the Think Tanks- Tavistock, Stanford, etc at their disposal to tinker with the belief system". In fact what kind of loving God would create /allow this?! When the shit hits the fan do you think the God of the Bible (El) will make an appearance. People will state "it's up to us" yet don't take into consideration that a loving creator wouldn't subject us to getting fucked with eternally to begin with. Knows all past and future! Common sense I would think……but through hypnotic repetition the stories and theories become truth.

  14. Nikki Leigh says:

    who is the designer?!?! I want NOTHING to do with any of it PERIOD??

  15. Nikki Leigh says:


  16. xoLEADFOOTox says:

    Man Bear Pig. . . . . L&S

  17. Stev ChaShar says:

    using the legal name places you in Satan's court/church… It's illegal to use a legal-hell name/n-a-me/enemy… search/see-arch… legal name fraud… see the polarity rather than be in it… it's Satan's Crown sign-it-UR (UR=origin of the original ) sin-agency of the DEED/dead… UR in the or-vile off-ice of the dammed-age where water/truth runs free in all directions

  18. wally perez says:

    its stenography. There are messages in those performances only the ones who have the eyes to see can see.

  19. MsMcmoe says:

    Regarding covering someone in gold for ritual, guess that's what they did to
    Beyonce for her Grammy performance..

  20. These people need to be jailed and or exiled out of our lands! Also, if you think this movie is bad you should see what they allow on TV nowadays I had to stop watching American Horror story Hotel and the next one so brutal disgusting and lady gaga tranny a55 doing horrible shit can you believe children see this effing sick

  21. it's crazy how christians don't realize the irony of reading their satanicly inspired bible over these images creates a double layer of ritual. They have NO CLUE they've been duped so completely.

  22. Becca Ray says:

    Was that James Franco with Marina covered in gold?

  23. they want us to cover up & wear burka (m & f) to destroy individuality

  24. Never before have they had the minds of the common people to emulate everything they market to them. The people will live the ritual without even being conscious that they are.
    Quite clever but then again people aren't aware of much other than themselves.

  25. Wacky weirdos, that's great lol 6:30

  26. dave corum says:

    RFB: Another good vid, but I  am curious how you come up with Lucifer is the devil  is Satan is a fallen being in light of Jesus's clear statement in John 8:44?

  27. Howard Duck says:

    Thanks for revealing these things which I otherwise would never have known.

  28. snipernase says:

    And what are you going to do today?Well I gonna wear some hornes on my head and act like an idiot

  29. SQRL MNKY says:

    That's James Franco nuff said

  30. Tompa Noname says:

    Who the fcuk would even wanna wear this shit!?

  31. snipernase says:

    Fashion disgusting pieces of shit

  32. chuckd393 says:

    These demons are sick.. What Trash! Trump is like garlic and the cross to these vampires.. Everyone of these satan worshipers are the one's spitting the most hate! The can't stand his goodness!

  33. Tjtsjjbcb says:

    Excellent Richie!! Spot on, for those with discernment!! Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing these truths to us that have the eyes to still see !!

  34. sugar salt says:

    the orange dressed workers march in lockstep as "the slaves"= you & me

  35. Micah Sarver says:

    This world is crazy…

  36. Sascrotch says:

    I hate satan and the fallen ones, Hell is awaiting them. All praise and glory belong to "The Most High". May "God" have mercy on my soul for I am a sinner.

  37. They have been exploiting White people for centuries…for sex, wars and doing their dirty deeds. Millions of white kids go missing world over every year…never to be found
    yet you white morons are full of hate for jamal and jose

  38. I could have just watched FaceLikeTheSun for this content

  39. How do I email richiefromboston
    I have a video of a star taken with the P900 that appears to be burning on the inside like fire. It looks almost as how you would depict a "metoar". Its the brightest star in my sky that outshines the rest in a yellowish light instead of a blue one. It also appears to wobble very noticeably I'd like for more to see the video

    when I post it in a comment my comment doesnt show

  40. Stormy Girl says:

    Wtf???!!! Ugly. What are the huge hands about? Just ugly. Weird. I can't believe people are attracted to this bull crap.

  41. Lol! Ceelo just showed up to the Grammy's as a gold demonic creature! This world is declining fast.

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